Enjoy hassle-free driver risk assessing with Dora. We’re a user-friendly online driver risk assessment platform designed to take the stress out of risk assessing your fleet online.

Convenience & Ease of Use

We know you’re busy. That’s why Dora combines convenience with ease of use. Dora provides you with assessment credits that you distribute to your drivers. They log in and take an assessment at a time convenient to them.

When you log in to Dora, you can see who has taken the assessment.

Drill down to individual answers. See a driver’s road risk. Filter & segment. All with minimal stress. Perfect for a busy workplace where you have to juggle many tasks.

On-Road Assessing? If you’re looking for on-road risk assessing please click here

Key Benefits – Assessing With Dora:

Insights – made simple

Segment your low, medium and high-risk drivers into meaningful reports. Download or keen them online.

Gain useful insight driver by driver

Discover the reasons why a driver is considered at higher risk.

Bespoke comes as standard with Dora

Add your logo and company-specific bespoke questions if needed.

Profiling your fleet has never been so easy

Identify problem drivers with ease and quickly decide on the next course of action.

 Using Dora Means:

You don’t waste time navigating an overly complex, cumbersome system. Dora has an intuitive yet simple admin dashboard designed with you in mind.

You quickly identify drivers in your fleet who are at most risk. So you can take the necessary action.

You can sign up today and enjoy 3 FREE credits – no credit card needed. 

Our Most Popular Credit Packages:

One credit equals one assessment, which takes around 20 minutes to complete. We have a wide range of credit packages, here are our most popular. 

3 Credits


For up to 3 drivers

50 Credits

£450 + vat

For up to 50 drivers

75 Credits

£525 + vat

For up to 75 drivers

100 Credits

£600 + vat

For up to 100 drivers

200 Credits

£1k + vat

For up to 200 drivers

Dora is always here for you

When you join Dora, you will have a business account manager who is there to help and assist in any way they can.

We aim to reply to all customer emails within 2hrs during working hours. Your business account manager is here for any questions you may have about the operation of Dora.

But we don’t stop there. If you have any more specific questions relating to assessment questions or a specific employee you’re concerned about, then we can help.

Caring is the difference with Dora.