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Beautifully Simple – Highly Intuitive – Stress Free Risk Assessing


Dora – Short for Drivers Online Risk Assessment is an online driving risk assessment, created for businesses that wish to assess  their employees that drive as part of their job, or at least use a car or van. Dora lets you to purchase credits (a unique username and password), which you can send out to employees, usually via email, who can then take the assessment by clicking the green button on the upper right of this page “Take Assessment”

Starting the assessment could not be easier, each employee enters their assigned username and password, and the assessment begins. They work through the questions and at the end you will get a notification. You can then log in and view their results, drill down to answers and produce meaningful reports. It’s as simple as that.

Amazing Ways Dora Can Help Your Business

Amazing Ways Dora Can Help Your Business

Filter and segment your low, medium and high risk drivers, into meaningful reports

Find out the reasons why a driver is considered higher risk

Customise your Dora with your company logo for reports, and add company specific bespoke questions if required

Quickly evaluate results for many drivers, into easy to understand, clean and accurate reports. No messy overly complex data processing needed

Key Points

Dora Key Points:

  • Enjoy 3 FREE driver assessment credits when you join Dora. Joining costs nothing and takes less than 60 seconds to get started
  • Each employee will take around 15 to 20 minutes to take the assessment
  • Buy from 10 to 1,000 credits. One credit translates to one employee assessment
  • Enjoy an accurate, stress-free, highly intuitive Admin Login to manage assessments and view reports

Admin (Manager) Login – Key Points:

  • Filter and list all drivers, by name, who have taken the assessment
  • Segment and a-z drivers based on their risk
  • Focus and analyse on an employees responses to all questions, to discover what makes them the risk they are
  • Produce reports by driver, by risk, by age and more
  • Add company specific questions for your Dora assessments

Dora - Receive Your Free 3 Credits

Bottom Description Two

Dora asks a number of questions based on a range of key variables, related to driving, such as an employees attitudes to driving, dealing with emergency situations, driving history and more. Our key difference is that the questions have been designed after working thorough, and analysing many thousands of on-road employee driver training reports, delivered by our advanced driving instructors. Dora we feel, is as close to real world driving risk assessing as possible.

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