Doras Scoring Criteria

Dora is based on a set of scoring criteria, where points are added for more “at-risk” responses. The questions vary in weighting. Some only have a light-weighting, others have significant weighting, and some have no weighting at all. The weighting is based on what we determine real-world risk factors that increase the road risk of a driver.

In designing Dora, there were two critical elements we worked hard on refining to ensure an accurate, and most important of all, a realistic, real-world risk assessment of a driver.

These two elements were based on our extensive experience of delivering on-road advanced and defensive driving courses across the UK and having a detailed understanding of what really increases the road risk of a driver.

The Two Critical Elements:

  1. The appropriate risk grading for each question
  2. The point separators set to segment Low, Medium and High risk

A Few Example Questions:

Attitude based:

* It is sometimes perfectly safe to exceed the speed limit (agree/disagree)

Driving Law:

* What various road markings mean (multiple choice)

Emergency Situations:

* One of your front tyres suffers a blowout when you are travelling at speed. What should you do? (multiple choice)


* Your age
* How many at-fault collisions have you had in the last 3 years?
* Annual Mileage
* Have you been banned from driving in the last 5 years?

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