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Select your driving course

Not sure which course suits you best?

Course Duration Explainer

Advanced / Defensive Driving Course

Take your driving to a higher level with one-to-one training. For drivers with 12 months + driving experience.

Confidence Builder Course

For drivers that require a course to help build their confidence in any driving situation.

Performance Car Intro

For owners of high performance cars, including those who are about to take delivery of one.

Court Hearing

For drivers who are due in court, typically if the speeding charge could very well result in a ban.

Refresher Course

Designed for those who want a brief refresher course. Ideal for those who need more of a spring clean.

Newly Qualified Driver Course

For drivers with less than 12 months driving experience.

Gift Voucher

The ideal gift for a loved one. Valid for 12 months. We will email you a voucher, with the recipients name on.

Full Day

A full day course is ideal for drivers that want the maximum benefit from our course.

Half Day

A half day course is ideal if you have more than one driver and where time and cost is a factor.

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