We offer a range of driving course durations. These durations are carefully designed to best help a driver, based on their unique needs and requirements. Below is a guide to help you, should you not be sure of what course is best for you.


1 x 3.5hr session:

This is our shortest course we offer. This is ideal if you need a course to cover the key elements of driver training (such as general advanced driving, confidence, motorway, refresher, pre-court etc). This is very popular for business clients, who are training a lot of drivers back to back, as we can offer AM/PM slots from your office. For private clients, this can be a great “toe-in-the-water” session if you wish to take more sessions at a later stage, or simply feel 3.5hr will be enough.


* Lowest cost course
* Ideal if you’re limited on time
* Great if you only need the key elements/ essentials covered


* It won’t help as much with more ingrained issues
* Cost per 3.5hr it’s the most expensive
* You would lose out on the cost savings if you decided to book more sessions


1 x 7hr session:


This course is ideal if you need more than a 1 x 3.5hr session, and want to get it done in one day. There are 2 x 30-minute rest breaks included in this course. The course is 7hr from start to finish but closer to 6hr of actual driving. We have found this is actually far more beneficial than trying to do 7hr in one go. It’s a long day but a lot is covered. Compared to the 1 x 3.5hr session there is more time identifying and removing bad habits, and longer introducing and practising various advanced/defensive driving techniques. The driving report tends to be more detailed than the 1 x 3.5hr session too. Business clients tend to opt for this when they have a driver or drivers, with specific issues such as speeding, high collision rate, inexperienced driver etc. If you’re doing a pre-court advanced driving session this is more suited, compared to a 1 x 3.5hr session, if a driving ban looks probable.


* Cheaper than 2 x 3.5hr sessions
* Ideal if time is an issue
* Ideal if you prefer an intensive approach


* Can be tiring for some drivers
* Compared to the 2 x 3.5hr there is no time to reflect and absorb on the first session
* It won’t help as much as longer courses for more deeply ingrained issues


2 x 3.5hr sessions:


This is more suited to clients that want more than the 1 x 3.5hr session, and don’t want to do 7hr in one session. The time in between the first and second session is valuable, as it gives you time to reflect and absorb what has been taught. With this course, the second session is often where a lot of things fall into place. A lot of clients who book a single 3.5hr session often come back and take a final 3.5hr session.


* A good cost vs duration compromise
* Ideal if you want longer than 3.5hr but don’t want a single 7hr session
* Time in between works really well for a lot of drivers


* It won’t help quite as much for more ingrained issues
* Cost per 3.5hr session it’s not as cheap as the longer duration courses
* It costs more than a 1 x 7hr session

Longer Duration Courses:

Our bespoke 3,4 and 5 x 3.5hr sessions are suited, for those that identify as having specific issues with their driving, such as driving anxiety, significant driving issues on specific roads, or who have not driven for a very long time.

For those facing issues with their driving, which is having an impact on their lives, then we do recommend these longer sessions, as it can take time to, first of all, get to the root of your driving issues, and also longer than is allowed on the shorter courses to work with you to build up your skills and confidence. The time in between each session will also be valuable as it gives you time to reflect, absorb and practise what has been covered.

We offer three longer duration courses:

3 x 3.5hr session. Ideal for moderate driving issues
4 x 3.5hr session. Ideal for moderate to significant driving issues
5 x 3.5hr session. Ideal for those with significant issues

The above 3,4,5 x 3.5hr descriptions are only a very broad guide. You may only have what you deem to be “moderate” driving issues but still opt for 5 x 3.5hr. This is completely fine – the amount of time and money you decide to invest in your driving is something only you can have the final decision on. With the longer courses, there is a significant cost saving per 3.5hr session, which is one reason why some may book the full 5 x 3.5hr sessions. The longer you have with your tutor, the longer you will have to address your issues, and longer to work on and reinforce new skills, which in all probability you would have never been aware of without this specialist training.

Should you have any more questions about what course is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.