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The Dangers of Driving in Freezing Fog
05th December 2019
  In winter, there are a range of dangerous driving conditions, which can quickly manifest and often catch drivers unaware. This is especially so when we get behind the wheel and drive in our warm, comfortable cars. We feel safe and often unaware of what’s going on outside the car....
Road Safety Milestones Since 1903
24th October 2019
  Pre-30’s: 1903-1904: Motor Car Act introduced driving licences. Vehicle braking requirements are introduced for the first time. 1926 Driving whilst unfit through drink became an offence. 1927: First automatic traffic light signals installed. 1930’s 1930: Speed limit of 20 mph is abolished for cars and cycles. PSVs are limited...
Driving in Winter
24th October 2019
  Driving in winter has it’s own unique challenges and risks. In the UK the main issues, which tend to manifest themselves from October to March tend to be: Fog Ice Snow High winds Rain and floods   The key to remaining safe in winter is preparation, planning and adopting...
Advanced Driving Courses – As a “Bolt-on” Extra. Helping Build Revenues for Business
11th October 2019
We live in a world of speed, convenience and customisation. Everything can be had quickly, conveniently and exactly how you want it. It wasn’t that long ago where you would buy car insurance and come away with just that. Generally nothing else was offered. Now there is an array of...
Why do most drivers think they are “above average”
18th September 2019
  Most drivers in the UK think they are “above average” but we can’t all be right, can we? What is an average driver? We can easily work out average/above average/below average for things like height, weight, intelligence and income. But how is a drivers “ability” worked out? How come...