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Driving When Tired
22nd April 2021
. Driving when tired is deadly. It’s a killer. However, so many people do it. So many otherwise law-abiding drivers get behind the wheel when they are really very tired. You may think as you’re not actively “doing” anything obviously “offensive”, such as gross speeding, drink driving, committing acts of...
Car Tyres. Budget. Mid-Range. Premium?
29th March 2021
  Buying car tyres is something few people have a real interest in, they are often seen as an inconvenient cost. Often people will put off buying tyres for as long as possible, some of whom will only replace them when their vehicle has failed it’s MOT for tyre related...
Staying Safe – Motorway Breakdowns
02nd February 2021
  A motorway breakdown can effect anyone at anytime. It’s essential to stay safe. When you have a breakdown on a motorway you should do the following: Get Away From Danger: Get your vehicle off the road if at all possible. Do not put yourself at risk if this is...
Drink/Drug Driving – Christmas Campaign 2020
10th December 2020
  A number of Police forces around the UK have launched their annual drink/drug drive campaign. This year is obviously very different – with no works christmas parties, pubs for the majority are closed, unless of course you’re having a “substantial meal”. Will this have an impact on drink drive...
60mph Speed Limit on Motorway
24th September 2020
. In a bid to tackle pollution, Highways England will reduce the speed limit on four stretches of motorways in September 2020, with the objective of reducing vehicle pollution. The lower speed limit will help see how lower speed limits impact on pollution levels in the given areas. It’s estimated...