Drivers Concierge is a bespoke service all our customers are entitled to. Once you book a course with us, you automatically have access to our full range of concierge privileges for a full 12 months.

Your Drivers Concierge:


A driving course with us is only the start of a bespoke service based around you. After taking your driving course, you have instant access to our network of driving and motoring-related professionals waiting to help you.

The main purpose of concierge is to help you with any motoring-related questions, help, advice or assistance. Like when you take a driving course with us you have your own course manager, you will also have your own concierge assistant, who will answer your email and help you, with whatever that may be. We welcome you to Drivers Concierge.


Activate Your Membership:

To activate your membership with Drivers Concierge, please email your course manager. Once we have verified your registration with the course team, you will get a welcome email from concierge. Read more below as to what we can help you with.


How Drivers Concierge Helps You:

There is no limit on what we can help you with, within reason, when you’re being looked after with Drivers Concierge. Here are a number of things which we can assist with:

Post Course Support

Enjoy your personal support once your training is complete. Maybe you’ve had an experience you want to talk through and get advice or reassurance on, such as a near-miss, a confidence wobble, clarification about what to do in a specific situation etc.
We understand that sometimes even after training, you still need a supporting hand to offer help, and sometimes you need to revisit some of the things you’ve learnt during training and discuss them in more depth.

Legal Assistance

We can provide legal assistance should you need it. Concierge includes up to a 30-minute free phone consultation with a highly experienced motoring solicitor, with free document review (including NIP and magistrates summons documents).
Should you need legal representation, concierge members enjoy a 10% discount on lawyer fees.

General Driving Help

Anything motoring related we can help you with, If we can’t help, we will know someone who can.
Concierge members rest in the knowledge that support is only an email away.

New Vehicle Search

Finding a new car is stressful. Concierge members can pass some of this stress onto us. We can help with your specific needs. Maybe you need a car but have no idea what’s best. Do you have a budget in mind but can’t decide what to buy? Concierge provides impartial help and advice when you need it most. We can’t buy a car, but we can help with your search.

Course Discounts

You may wish to do one of our courses again or book a course for a friend or loved one.
As a concierge member, you will enjoy a £50 discount on up to 3 separate driving courses, open to private non-business customers only.

Travel Assistance

Not sure what the best routes are for travelling? Let us help. Our concierge team can help plan a route for you, whether you want a scenic route or one which avoids motorways. Maybe you need help travelling abroad – concierge is happy to help those venturing further afield.