Drivers Domain UK initially started in 2003 as an online portal for motorists in the UK, where they could shop for motor insurance, perform data checks on their cars, and search for local driver trainers in their area.

In 2008, we had the idea of offering easy-to-arrange, high-quality, bespoke driver training to both business and private clients. We identified a gap in the market. There was a growing demand for advanced/defensive driver training. But as it stood, it wasn’t that easy to quickly and conveniently book bespoke driver training online.

The world’s moving online with so many things. So why was driver training so slow to move with the times?

This was the question we asked ourselves. With something so vital as road safety and driver training, why hadn’t the industry moved with the times a little more? This is what drove us to build an online platform, which made it easy for both business and private clients to select a bespoke driving course or courses,  decide the key focal elements of the course they want, select ideal dates and locations and then finalise the booking online.

More than just on-road training.

Each client who takes training with us automatically joins our Drivers Concierge. This is a personalised, one-to-one service we offer to help our clients, for a period of one year, with any driver and motoring-related support they may need. It’s unique to us and is another reason why training with Drivers Domain UK is above what most expect. We now also offer a free accident blackspot check service – more info

What’s in a name?

Our name, Drivers Domain UK, came about as originally we wanted to have a name which describes what we are about, more than just creating a traditional business name (such and such driver training), for example. So we thought about the business and decided it’s best described as a domain (website) for drivers (all drivers) in the UK. Our name was created.


Today we have over 240 DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered tutors around the UK and over 1,000 business clients. We’ve helped many thousands of drivers, both private and business, to become safer, happier drivers. We’ve helped people who have lost their confidence, we’ve helped people who’ve needed help getting back behind the wheel after a serious RTC, we’ve helped stressed fleet managers who need 1000+ of their drivers trained, we’ve helped parents deal with their teenager who drives too fast. The list goes on.

What really motivates us as a business is knowing we are making a positive contribution to road safety in the UK, not just for businesses, not just for private customers, but for each and everyone who can drive.

Currently, there are over 49,000,000 licence holders in the UK. We have a course for every single one of these people, including you.

We make safer, happier drivers.