We offer bespoke advanced/defensive van driver training nationwide (which includes motorhomes and other large vehicles).

We are ideal for:

1. Drivers that have recently started a job driving a van, and have little or no experience in driving such a vehicle.
2. Drivers that drive a van as part of their job, but have been having a few too many incidents.
3. Companies that wish to train a number of their van drivers, to help lower fleet insurance, demonstrate their Duty of Care, and reduce incident rates.

We do offer a bespoke vehicle familiarisation course if you’re specifically looking at a course for a driver new to van driving. More info.
We can provide van driver training in both small and large vans up to 3.5 tonnes (that can be used on a normal, “B” car driving licence) we can also provide training for larger Category C and C1 commercial vehicles. If you’re looking for driver training for delivery drivers please click here.



Take an in-depth look at what elements are covered – more info

Two Common Vans We Provide Training In (Our training takes place in your own van):

  • Mercedes Sprinter – This is one of the most common vans we provide driver training in. The Mercedes Sprinter comes in a range of sizes and dimension. Our tutors have many years of experience in delivering van driver training in such vehicles. Learn more about our bespoke Transit Driver Training.

  • Ford Transit/LutonPerhaps the most well known of all vans. The Ford Transit has been synonyms with “The White Van Man”. Our tutors have helped many “White Man Van” drivers become safer more courteous drivers.

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We can provide van driver training in all vans, car-derived vans and LGV vehicles. With our van driver training, we do focus more on manoeuvres and mirror use, as this is essential when driving such a large vehicle with limited rear vision.

Course Content:

  1. Forward planning and observation
  2. Speed awareness
  3. Driving courtesy and  manners
  4. Rules of the road
  5. Van Maneuvers (Right and Left reverse + reversing)
  6. Advanced mirror use 
  7. Cornering techniques
  8. Skid control techniques
  9. All-weather driving
  10. Vehicle handling with loads
  11. Space management and awareness
  12. Motorway, Town and Rural driving techniques
  13. Any other bespoke elements you wish to focus more on

Learn more about whatbespokedriver training means.

Following the course, each driver will get a full driving report outlining what was covered, and their overall risk.

Don’t have a van? We don’t supply vans for training. However, if you would like a session and need a van, we would recommend hiring a van local to yourself, and training can then be arranged to start from the van hire depot. A number of customers who needed van training but did not have access to a van opted for this.

Quote & Course Duration:

We can provide a full day (7hrs) and a half-day (3.5hrs) across the UK. A full day is £360 + vat and a half-day is £250 + vat. You have the option of booking a session online here. Alternatively, you can talk to us beforehand with any questions you may have.

Our tutors are highly experienced in delivering van driver training, and we provide driver training for delivery drivers for the online Supermarket – Ocado.com in their Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

Please use the contact form on the upper right of this page, and a member of our team will be able to confirm a quote based on the numbers you are looking to train. We can train as few as one driver or as many as 100+

We have over 200 tutors all over the UK and can come to your office to start the training. We offer van driver training all over the UK including all major towns and cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and many more.