Company business activities:

We purchase, sell, distribute, hire, repair and carry out maintenance on cars, vans and motorcycles, including purchasing and selling oil, parts, accessories, tyres and exhausts.

Contract hire, source and supply of leasing and fleet vehicles.

Property owners, developers and leasing proprietors.

We sell insurance and financial products associated with the motor retail and aftersales industry.

What were your reasons for driver training?

We take the safety of our colleagues seriously. Offering advanced driver training is in line with Lookers overall risk management strategy to ensure that those who are required to drive high-performance vehicles have the required understanding of the vehicle’s capability and the need to exercise care and control when driving them.

What elements were most important to you for the driver training?

Comprehensive training delivered in a way that our colleagues can easily understand.

How did your team respond to the idea of doing driver training, and how was it communicated within the organisation?

The team were delighted to complete the advanced driver training course, meaning that they can now safely drive higher-performance vehicles with confidence.

We worked with management teams to identify those who fit the criteria (28 years of age or older and have held a full UK driving licence for at least 8 years) to drive our high-performance vehicles and offered the training to those individuals.

We also communicated this via our digital learning platform to relevant colleagues.

How did your drivers find the training – any specific feedback?

Our drivers enjoyed undertaking the advanced driver training as a career development opportunity. The course has given them the confidence they need to drive higher-performance vehicles. They found the electric vehicle safety awareness section particularly useful.

Tutor feedback

Despite the vast numbers that needed the training all over the UK, it was efficient and straightforward as Lookers provided plenty of internal resources to help arrange this with our team. Many of the training vehicles were new high-powered cars, including AMG Mercedes, BMW M cars, Audi RS models, Aston Martins, Bentleys and Range Rovers, which many of the tutors (who love cars) thoroughly enjoyed providing the training in. The training with Lookers focuses on vehicle dynamics and advanced car control and so training tended to be more on out-of-town challenging rural roads, which allowed the tutors to introduce the System of Car Control. Perfect roads to safely understand and experience the nature of a high-powered car.