A lack of driving confidence or a fear of driving can be truly debilitating. We know. We have already helped a wide range of drivers of all backgrounds and experiences to become safer, more confident drivers. We offer a bespoke driving confidence course based all over the UK to help address your own specific needs.

A lack of driving confidence can include a fear of motorways, busy roundabouts, worrying that other drivers know you’re doing something wrong, fear of driving alone, fear of aggressive drivers, worrying that you’re going to have a collision and much more.

All our courses are car-based, and we offer a range of sessions.

Our Typical Customers Include:

  • Post Accident – Those who have had an RTC (Road Traffic Collision) and wish to take additional driver training to help address their anxieties and give them back their control when driving. View our bespoke Post RTC Driving Course.
  • Fear of Driving – Those that have developed a fear of driving for any reason that they wish to address.
  • Needing to Drive More – Those who generally lack confidence in driving, and as part of their job (or any circumstance) need to drive more, and so want to arm themselves with increased skills and added confidence.
  • Lack of Confidence – For those who simply find themselves lacking in confidence and need help.

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Whatever your reasons, we have a team of caring, non-judgemental DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) advanced driving instructors who can help you with a one-to-one, bespoke course designed perfectly around what you want.

“As part of my job, I needed to do a lot more motorway driving. I hated motorways! My training gave me the confidence to tackle them, and I now no longer dread them.”
Ms A. Jennings, London

How We Are Different:

Our confidence driving courses are designed for those who want much more than a few hours of training with a learner driving instructor. It’s vital that you get the very best confidence training possible, as the wrong type of training or training that is not properly delivered can actually set you back further. Here is how we help:

1. Specialist Courses – We have created a bespoke course for those looking specifically at confidence driver training. We have already successfully provided bespoke confidence training for thousands of drivers all over the UK and have outstanding results, which often have transformed the lives of clients. A lack of driving confidence can have such a negative impact on your life.

View our Trust Pilot reviews to read more about those who have already taken our confidence courses.

2. Expert Tutors
– With us, you’re not completing a course with a driving instructor you perhaps see teaching only learners. Our tutors are highly experienced in delivering confidence driver training for full licence holders. Training a full licence holder is very different from instructing a learner.

3. Support Before, During and After
– You’re not fitted into an hour-by-hour slot like you do when you’re a learner. Our clients have support before, during and after training with us. You will have a course manager who will personally deal with you. You also have a full 12-month concierge support with us from the moment your course finishes.

4. Post Course Report
– After your driving course, you will receive a detailed driving assessment, which looks at your driving and how you improved, which also includes written notes from your tutor.

5. Training in Your Own Car
 – We mostly provide training in a client’s own car. Although we can supply a car, most prefer discreet training in a car they are familiar with.

We Have Full UK Coverage – And Come To You

How a Course Runs:

All training starts from your home or office. We come to you for the training, not the other way around. We can also provide training on the weekend too. After you book a course, your tutor will call you to introduce themselves and to discuss your situation and circumstances in more detail.

Talking & Opening Up: On the day of the course, you will meet your tutor for a further informal, non-judgemental chat before the driving starts. We have a carefully set of questions we ask at the start, designed to get a better understanding of you and how best we can help. We ask insightful questions such as:

  1. How do you rate your driving
  2. What are your main fears and concerns
  3. What you want to achieve from the training
  4. What has motivated you to do this training
  5. What sort of driver would you love to become

The things you discuss here will form the pathway to improved driving confidence, which will be referred back to during your training with us.

The Driving: If appropriate, we let you drive in a way you normally would for a short time so you can relax and so our tutor can get a feel for what you are like as a driver.

We then spend some time talking over what the tutor observed on the initial drive and what the rest of the day will focus on. If you are having issues with motorways and overtaking, for example, then the course will be focused more on that. Our courses are different as they are bespoke to your exact needs. We don’t just offer an “off the peg” course to fit all drivers.

At the end of the course, there will be a full debrief, along with tips and advice for the future. During the day, there will be plenty of times to stop and discuss various aspects of driving and, most importantly, your driving and anxieties. You won’t be driving continuously for a full or half day.

Driving Phobias:

We help motorists who suffer a wide range of driving phobias. A phobia is generally more than just “anxiety” when driving. If you suffer a distinct phobia where driving is very difficult, we would recommend receiving some form of therapy, such as CBT, to help you manage your feelings before any driver training.

We can then more successfully help you with your driving. For drivers with significant phobias, we are more of a complementary service to assist and work in partnership with other therapies. We would never claim to be able to “cure” a phobia through driver training alone; to do so would be unfair and irresponsible.

What we can do is provide strong building blocks to help you address and more successfully manage your phobia through safer driving.

Driving Confidence Course Content:

The bespoke courses do vary based on your circumstances and situations. However, below is a range of things we typically cover:

1. Forward planning and observation
2. Anticipation
3. Rural road driving
4. Dealing with adverse weather
5. Advanced car control (including cornering)
6. Speed Awareness
7. Understand your confidence issues & how your driving style could have been a factor – if appropriate
8. Dealing with road rage
9. Helping you face your fears – in a caring and understanding way. This can often involve working with you to face your fears, whether that is just driving in general or something more specific like fear of motorways, driving under bridges, left (or right) hand turns and so on….

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“I needed a refresher/confidence course after a serious accident. Motorways terrified me. I not only regained my confidence, but I also eliminated some rather bad habits, which I didn’t realise was putting me at increased risk.”
M. Hickman, Kent

All training takes place in your own car or van.

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Enjoy 12 Months FREE Concierge Service  – When you take a course with us, you also enjoy a one-year free membership with our Drivers Concierge service, providing a personalised, one-to-one helping hand for a range of motoring and driving assistance that you may need.

Start Your Journey To Increased Driving Confidence:

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