All our tutors are DVSA-registered ADIs. This is a prerequisite by law for anyone who is financially rewarded (i.e. their job) for providing driver training. We work with some of the very best ADIs in the UK.

Who are the DVSA?

The DVSA is an abbreviation for the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. The DVSA is an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Transport.

They carry out driving tests, and approve people to be driving instructors (ADIs), along with a number of other road-related initiatives.

What is an ADI?

An ADI is short for Approved Driving Instructor. It takes upwards of 2 years to qualify to be an ADI and only a relatively small percentage of those who start training make it. Once qualified, you will be constantly reassessed by the DVSA at least once in a 4 year period (known as a Standards Check).

If you don’t reach the required standard, you will be removed from the register and will not be able to provide driver training. The initial tests to qualify are hard, and so is the Standards Check. This is what helps keep the standard of driver training in the UK at a high level.

Beyond an ADI

While becoming an ADI is an achievement, our tutors have taken additional training to be on the DVSA Fleet Register. The fleet register is for ADIs that want to provide training for full licence holders – quite a different approach to ADIs that train learner drivers.

When Fleet isn’t good enough….

Being a fleet-registered ADI is good, but it’s actually not enough in itself to become one of our trainers. We usually require all tutors to have at least 5 years of experience as a fleet registered instructor unless they are former Police drivers, for example. Furthermore, we also like to request that they have taken additional advanced driver training and have a genuine, out-of-work interest in safer driving.

Some of our tutors are ex-Police response drivers; some are former emergency blue-light drivers, and others have vast experience in driving HGVs. Many have taken and passed high-level advanced driving tests such as the IAM Special Assessment, DIAmond and RoSPA/RoADAR advanced driving tests; some are advanced driving examiners too.

The only exception for a tutor not being fleet registered is if they have come from a very specialist background, such as an ex-Police response driver/examiner (they still, however, by law, need to be an ADI).

When you choose us, you can be confident that you will receive training from an outstanding tutor that has been handpicked and approved by us; where we regularly get feedback on their performance from both a customer service and driver training viewpoint.