We have compiled a list of questions and answers we are often asked. These should help you make more of an informed decision about if our courses are right for you.

We help provide driver training for all business sectors of all sizes across the UK. We also provide driver training for private clients too. Below are a number of the most common questions we get asked.

If you have any more questions, please call or email us – we will be delighted to help.

Potential Customer (business and private)Who are your tutors?

Course Expert Our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered fleet/advanced driving instructors who have extensive experience in delivering advanced and defensive driver training to full licence holders of all levels of experience. Some of our tutors are ex Police advanced drivers, others have a wealth of experience in training nervous drivers, some are performance car experts, and others come from van and HGV backgrounds. Together, we have a training network of some of the finest driver trainers in the UK who love what they do. 

Potential Customer (business and private) –  I need a bespoke advanced/defensive driving course but have specific things we want to cover, such as motorway or rural road driving. Can you cover this?

Course Expert Yes, of course. All our courses are bespoke to the needs of you or your drivers, so we can adjust the course to focus on specific elements if needed. This includes business clients and private individuals – who sometimes have very specific needs. For larger training jobs, we can create a bespoke reporting format to fit with your HR and business objectives. 

Potential Customer(business) Many of our team are based all over the UK, and we would like to have training sessions based around them and their work schedules. Is this possible?

Course Expert Yes, that’s fine. We have over 240 tutors around the UK and are used to arranging courses in many different locations, at different times and with different tutors. Some tutors may be training a number of drivers back to back; others may just be doing a one-off session.

Potential Customer(business) We have never done driver training before, how easy is it to arrange?

Course Expert – All we need from you is your location or locations, number of drivers, the type of training you need and ideal date or date frames. We will compile a personalised training timetable where you can select dates, add names and return to us – we do the rest. The main issue we find with business clients is, from your end, tying down drivers to commit to dates. With some, this is easy; for others, not so much – which is why we can, if needed, stagger the training over a longer period. 

Potential Customer(business) My fleet of drivers vastly differs in experience. Some are new drivers, others are highly experienced drivers, some of which have undertaken driver training before. How will you cater for these differences?

Course Expert Each course is based on the driver’s own unique abilities and experience levels. Our tutors are highly experienced in training drivers of all levels, so regardless of the individual driver’s ability, we will ensure their course is a perfectly tailored fit for them. In fact, this is what we specialise in and love doing. 

Potential Customer(business) We want to train many drivers, but over several months – or maybe over sporadic dates. Is this ok?

Course Expert Yes, completely. We often have companies who run training schedules over many months, and as long as we have notice, we can arrange a course to fit with you.

Potential Customer(business and private) How long do we have to wait to start a course?

Course Expert Depending on numbers, usually around two to three weeks. Sometimes less. Tutor diaries are changing all the time, so please contact us.

Potential Customer(business and private) How are drivers assessed?

Course Expert We score drivers from Excellent to Poor in 20+ areas of driving both before and after the training, so you can see the level they have got to after the session. Assessing them at the start of the training also allows our tutors to see their standard of driving and really helps them to bespoke the rest of the training session around them. All results from both before and after the training are recorded on a driving report. At the end of the session, a driver will be Low Risk, Medium Low Risk, Medium Risk, Medium High Risk or High Risk. Around 80% of drivers will be Low to Medium Low risk. Reports are sent by email a few days after the course.

Potential Customer(business and private)  If I schedule a number of drivers, and there are changes needed, what will happen?

Course Expert We do need 10 days’ notice to cancel or change a course date. However, if you just need to swap names around on specific training dates, this is fine – we can do this for no charge.

Potential Customer(business and private) What course durations do you offer?

Course Expert We offer 3.5-hour and 7hr sessions. Most companies, when training a number of drivers, tend to opt for the 3.5hr session. A 7hr session tends to be more popular for one-off sessions for one or two drivers. For private clients, we can offer multiple 3.5hr sessions, which is ideal if you’re looking at confidence training or similar. 

Potential Customer(business and private) Are all your courses on-road?

Course Expert Yes, but we can provide a short theory at the start if needed. We can also do classroom sessions too in some areas. 

Potential Customer(business and private) Will I get an insurance discount?

Course Expert – Very few private customers will get a discount, unfortunately. However, for fleet clients, you should be in a much better position to negotiate a discount on your fleet insurance after training. Some clients have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds after training driver training.

Potential Customer(business and private) I have another question, which is not included here….

Course Expert Please contact us, and we will be delighted to assist you!