Company business activities:

Brewing, distribution, hospitality and sales across the UK. Established in 1851.

What were your reasons for driver training?

We decided we would hold a refresher as its been almost four years since the last driver training courses with Drivers Domain UK for our company car drivers, the transport section of the company is required to maintain their CPC so they undergo regular refreshers.

What elements were most important to you for the driver training?

To have a benchmark on our driver’s standards so we could target those who required further training if required.

How did your team respond to the idea of doing driver training, and how was it communicated within the organisation?

We as a company hold a Health & Safety STOP day yearly in which the whole company stops for the day and attends targeted safety events/training. The sales team did a section on company car driving which included a brief introduction to the planned courses. Generally very well received.

How did your drivers find the training – any specific feedback?

The feedback has been very positive, all found the training useful and informative and said their driving styles have changed for the safer.

Tutor notes:

The vast majority of the drivers trained at St Austell were experienced motorists who cover significant miles as part of their job. The training focused more on identifying any ingrained bad habits and then introducing them to advanced driving techniques. We took a very flexible approach to the training as there were some who were much less experienced than others – so we varied the content to fit the driver based on their experience, where they drive and any specific issues they may have.