Company business activities:

Founded in 1583, The University of Edinburgh is one of the UK’s most prestigious Universities.

Students from all over the world come to this University to study. It has a range of campuses over the city and employs several thousand staff, both administrative and academic. 

What were your reasons for driver training?

We wanted to take a proactive approach to road safety and decided to invest in on-road training to take place in Edinburgh.

What elements were most important to you for the driver training?

Elements of this and any driver training that is important to us for our drivers is improved awareness and anticipation, through good/better observations. This gives a driver time to react, making that driver, and other road users, safer on the road. Vehicle control, passenger comfort and vehicle sympathy are also important training elements. I’m a great believer in the System of Car Control as the safe approach to each and every hazard. That is probably the most important aspect of driver training to me and the team who were trained by Drivers Domain UK (Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration).

How did your team respond to the idea of doing driver training, and how was it communicated within the organisation?

A few of our staff took part in the training – it was well received by them.

How did your drivers find the training – any specific feedback?

The trainer was excellent, had a very good way about him, and a friendly manner. He was respectful and his ‘training’ input, questions and observations were spot on. He did ask questions and made observations on the drive that worked on my driving, and knowledge of road signs and road markings, and had me thinking lots too.

IMO we all learn from others, and any training/input offered to our staff like this should be grasped and appreciated by them so they can learn from it, and use it not only when driving work cars, but also their own vehicles.

Tutor Notes:

Great team to work with, all were happy to listen and get the most from the training. Some had done advanced driver training before and so for these, this session was more of a refresher that built on their experience.