Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 13.33.08We offer advanced and defensive driver training for those that drive a Ford Transit and Transit type vans. We have a network of over 200 DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency) tutors, who can provide 1:1 training. We can start training from any address in the UK and often train a number of van drivers, back to back from clients offices around the UK.

We can help those who are new to driving a Ford Transit, those who are having one too many accidents, or those who simply need coaching in these vehicles. We can train drivers in smaller transits such as the Connect to a Transit LWB and Cab model.

What Happens on a Day:

All training takes place in your own van, and although the training is bespoke to your needs, we do follow a set format, which includes:

Initial Introduction – Where we meet with the driver or drivers at the agreed time and location. A quick safety check, eyesight and licence check and we are ready to go.

Initial Drive – We allow the driver to drive how they normally would for around 20 minutes, whilst our tutor makes notes. This allows us to see what sort of driver they are, and to see any issues, which they need help with. There is a short debrief before the training begins. The initial drive also helps the driver relax We always aim to make the sessions informative, but also enjoyable too.

The Training
– We base the training on what we have seen on the initial drive. For example, if a driver is having issues with speed, we will focus on that more. It’s quite normal for a driver to have a number of issues that need attention, and these will be looked at during the training. When the training is underway, we will cover a wide range of roads, including motorways and urban and rural roads. A variation in roads really helps develop a driver when driving a Ford Transit. During training, we will look at:

  • Forward planning and anticipation
  • Traffic observation
  • Van control
  • Reversing  – a common problem for Transit drivers
  • Understanding the dynamics associated with a Transit and transit-type vehicle
  • Speed awareness
  • Specific controls fitted to your Transit
  • Dealing with adverse weather
  • Road rage – and how to recognise and control it
  • Rules of the road plus much more….

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 13.26.43The bespoke Transit driver training we offer is designed to make the driver safer and more skilful in a short space of time. After each session, we provide a full report, which outlines the driver’s skills in 25 key areas before and after training.

Training Options—We offer a full-day Transit training session, which lasts 7 hours, and a half-day, which lasts 3.5 hours. Most clients who want to train a single driver tend to opt for a full-day session, while those with a number of drivers opt for a half-day session.

Enjoy 12 Months FREE Concierge Service  – When you take a course with us, you also enjoy a 1-year free membership with our Drivers Concierge service, providing a personalised, one-to-one helping hand for a range of motoring and driving assistance that you may need.

To discuss more about our Transit driving courses please use our contact form on the upper right and a member of our team will be in touch. We also offer more general van training sessions for drivers of all sorts of vans, not just Transits – more info.