With the current financial uncertainty that we are all facing, finding ways to save money is now a necessity for many people. Your car insurance can be one of the savings that can be made with some simple ideas that can really make a cost difference to your premiums. A good insurance comparison site for starters could save up to £320 a year. Here are a few more tips:

Look to purchase a cheaper car to insure

Although everyone wants a brand-new car, perhaps look to see if the model you are after is available as second-hand. This may significantly reduce your insurance premiums. It is very worthwhile checking to see what insurance group your preferred car comes under, as this also impacts premiums.

Always compare quotes from many insurers

Using a good comparison website can help to compare quotes, and it is worth knowing that third-party only will be less expensive but may not have the cover you require. It may not also be the cheapest option; all insurance quotes will depend on the individual drivers’ circumstances. It is always worth checking the different types of cover, third-party, third-party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. If you only want third-party or third-party fire and theft, do a quick check – sometimes a higher level of cover is not much more – sometimes it’s the same price. In some odd circumstances, it can be cheaper. If you’re getting a quote online, it is easy to go back from the quote page and make changes, then re-run the quote.

Reducing your annual mileage

When looking to insure, you must put the number of miles you intend to drive over the year. If it is high and you don’t use the miles, then you are paying more than you should. If you are halfway through your year and your mileage has been drastically reduced by working from home, as an example, then call your insurance and let them know, as they may be able to reduce your monthly premiums based on a new mileage.

Always try to set your mileage as low as possible, but ensure you include the hidden irregular miles you may also do. It is essential to put the nearest amount of miles you think you will use as often if you make a claim and your mileage is way off then a claim may be rejected.

Pay in full if you can

When taking out insurance, you will probably have the option to spread your payments. Still, if you can afford to pay in one go, that will always be the better way forward, as you will not be paying interest rates on what is essentially a loan to spread your payments over a year. You may face extra charges if a monthly payment does not go through at any time. Always a worry when spreading payments as insurance can be cancelled due to this as well.

Increasing your excess amount

As you will know, all insurances have an excess due to be paid if a claim is successful, but increasing this excess can help reduce your premiums. Also, it may not be worth claiming if your excess is not likely to be reached with minor damage.

All claims will impact future premiums, and you could also risk losing your no-claims bonus.

Only pay for what you really want and need

Many insurance policies will include a courtesy car, breakdown cover, motor legal protection and windscreen cover. If you do not require any of these, then it is essential that you have them removed from your quote. This can make some good savings over the year.

Are there any modifications to your car

Added extra modifications to your car can impact your premiums, so think carefully. Do you need customised alloys, tinted windows, body wrapping or improved sound and performance with induction kits? These modifications will cost more, and you need to declare these, especially if you are already insured, as a claim made without declaring could be rejected anyway. Modifications often make cars more of a theft risk.

Parking can affect the insurance price

Parking your car on a drive overnight can make insurance costs more bearable. Some insurers will not discount for garaging the car, as claims have been previously made for damage coming in and out of the garage. Parking on a public street or car park can significantly increase premiums.

Is your car as secure as it could be?

Theft is one of the big reasons for car insurance costs, so it is well worth checking if there are any retro security features you can install, this could help to bring premiums down.  Worth checking with your insurers about the types of discount you could get before you buy the kit, as often the price will not offset well with the possible discounts.

Insurance with a black box policy

The black box telematics can help to bring insurance costs down. Worth thinking about if you are insuring as a new driver. The telematics will monitor your driving and is installed in the car by your insurers; they can make the following year’s policy much cheaper with good driving but may not be worthwhile for older drivers. Be warned; if you have been caught speeding when the black box is installed, it could lead to higher charges for the coming years’ insurance.

Consider pay-as-you-go insurance if you’re a low-mileage driver

If you only use the car sporadically, you could save money by having a pay-as-you-go insurance policy. This will adjust your premiums monthly according to your mileage or even the time of day you mainly drive. This is a very flexible option for occasional drivers or those who do not drive during peak traffic times.

Take an advanced driving course

Courses like Pass Plus or the Advanced Motorist Institute advanced driving test can help in a few ways, as well as improving overall confidence, it can lead to discounts with insurance. Check with your insurers to see if an advanced driving course would significantly affect the cost of your premiums. While our advanced driving courses don’t tend to offer discounts from main-stream insurance, it can certainly make you a safer driver who could have fewer claims.

Adding another named driver to your policy

As a new driver, it is worthwhile to put an older driver on the insurance policy. This can help to bring down premiums, it is illegal to say that the named driver is the primary driver if this is not the case.

Consider a multi-car policy if you have more than one family car

Many insurers now give discounts for multiple cars at the same address or family members, such as University students. This can help with discounts and sync your policies so that your insurance payments are linked together for ease.

Good no claims discounts

Building up a solid track record of your driving over the years will always reward you with no-claims discounts. It is good to check to see if your insurers have no-claims insurance so that you can maintain NCB discount should you need to make a claim. If your insurers currently do not do this, it is worth comparing another insurer that does.

Licence Penalties

Driving safely and calmly will always help avoid any speeding points or worse. Keeping your licence clean will always help to lower insurance costs. If you get caught speeding, try taking the speed awareness course rather than taking points.

Job Descriptions

Many job descriptions will make insurance policies more expensive, for example, public house landlords or if you work in the motor trade. Consider how you word your job title. For example, a journalist’s title may be more expensive than a freelance writer’s.

Add-ons, and buying them separately

Every insurance policy will offer you the add-ons of breakdown cover, motor insurance legal protection or windscreen cover. Still, if you shop around, you can probably find these independently, which will be much more cost-effective.

Be careful with Auto-renewal polices

It is now illegal for any insurer to charge more for an existing customer than a new one, but this does not mean that your policy will definitely be cheaper. It is worth looking at comparison sites to find out what your best price could be with another insurer and remember to mention your no claims discounts as a new insurer will bring them over from your previous provider. Also, if you have a cheaper quote, go back to your current insurer to see if they can match or beat it.

Renew in good time

It can be more expensive to search for a quote in a rush if your insurance policy is due to start within a few days. The longer you can give the insurer, the cheaper the policy may be. Always aim to look at your car insurance policies about six weeks before it is due to expire. If you rush less, you will more than likely take the time to review your options.

Hopefully, these points will get you better, more cost-effective car insurance quotes, but remember, if you do not ask the questions, they will not be very forthcoming with discounts, be bold and don’t feel tied to the same insurance company year after year.