If you are looking for advanced driver training courses for yourself or your business in or near the bustling town of Aldershot, look no further.  We have highly qualified and experienced DVSA-registered tutors who can deliver a fully unique service that involves one-on-one training from your home or company address; this is just one of the many great benefits of using Drivers Domain UK for all your driver training needs.

We can supply experienced and highly qualified DVSA tutors who will be able to plan your session depending on your driver’s needs as well as the vehicles to train in the Aldershot and surrounding areas.  We include urban roads and roundabouts, country lanes and motorway training.  We aim for all our trained drivers to have a low-risk outcome or close to being low-risk with more practice with what they have learned.

Our Aldershot courses will have a combination of road terrains from:

For all our bespoke driving courses in Aldershot, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – Aldershot is served by the M3 to the north and the A3 to the east, and we have delivered many hours of Advanced Driver training to help drivers with all kinds of motorway concerns. No two people are the same when it comes to driving issues, and this is why all of our training is bespoke to the client’s needs, often including specific routes that are most worrying. Some drivers have come to us because they now have to use motorways for work purposes (and avoided before); some are new drivers, and others are now the family’s main driver and need help with confidence development. We have helped drivers understand the rules and regulations of motorway driving from Smart Motorways without any hard shoulder to knowing the right speed for entering and exiting busy junctions, and to observe the road ahead well. Although motorway travel is one of the safest ways to drive at higher speeds, the number of vehicles on the road at speed can worry many motorists.

Rural Roads –Aldershot is a busy town and is surrounded by beautiful countryside and pretty villages served by many rural roads, but if you are unfamiliar with driving along such routes, then they can be dangerous, especially at certain times of the year. Take, for example, Bourley Road toward the race course and Beacon Hill Road; there have been some severe accidents which may have been avoided if the drivers had a better understanding of rural driving techniques. It is the younger drivers that come to the most harm when involved in rural incidents. This is because of little street lighting, fewer warning signs and a higher temptation to speed in desolate areas. We teach many advanced driver techniques, from the ‘Limit Point’ for winding roads and observation systems that will help all characteristics of your driving. If you have recently moved into a more rural area from a busy town environment or are considering a delivery role, then a rural driving course will be highly beneficial and straightforward to organise.

Urban Training – The primary route to the north of Aldershot is the A323, which has many roundabouts and traffic light junctions leading into the town centre and has seen many accidents and, although less severe, due to slower speed limits, are still very upsetting. We can create routes through Aldershot, including roads such as High Street and Victoria Road, where there are one-way systems and extra hazards such as pedestrians and cyclists. Training in areas like these can really help drivers to become much more aware of their surroundings, with improved mirror usage and working on a space bubble around the vehicle. It is clear to see that most accidents in busy town areas happen near junctions. This is often because of impatience, especially during rush hours. Knowing how to anticipate the actions of other road users is a great skill when navigating busy environments.

Drivers Domain UK can offer business and private driver training in Aldershot with the following:

  1. You will have a personal course Coordinator who will confidentially deal with all aspects of bookings, from arranging dates, taking payments and sending out driver reports within 48 hours of course completion.
  2. Full UK coverage, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  3. Drivers Domain UK only uses the most qualified and experienced DVSA registered Advanced driving and fleet trainers with at least 5 years of experience with tutoring in the UK.
  4. Drivers Domain UK Advanced Driver training courses are customized to individual requirements, including the vehicles they wish to train in.
  5. One-to-one driver training
  6. Online driver risk assessments – Dora!
  7. Classroom presentations can also be arranged for multiple fleet training.

We cover Aldershot and the surrounding areas, as well as the rest of the UK and our tutors will come to your address and take you out in your own vehicles, cars, vans or HGV.  We do not have driving tracks or centres, and all-out training takes place on public roads and can be customised to your preferred journeys if needed.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you or your team in Aldershot.

Road Safety Risks and Information – Aldershot

Aldershot is located in Hampshire between Farnborough and Farnham and is served mainly by the A31 and the A331, and the nearest motorway is the M3 to the north of the town. For a small town, there is a high volume of accidents, some very severe and life-changing, and many are fatal, so it is wise to know where the collision hot spots are located if you live or travel through Aldershot.

The A331 leaves the M3 at Junction 4, and this is a large and challenging intersection with numerous collision sites both north and southbound. The A331 has many crash sites travelling south past Farnborough, especially around the large roundabout intersection meeting the A323 Aldershot Road. This is a large and busy roundabout, and correct lane exit positioning is key for ensuring safety on such junctions. This is very similar to the meeting of the M31, where incorrect lane exiting has caused collisions, so it is essential to be aware of your directions and observant of other drivers who may not be as confident with theirs.

The A323, Aldershot Road, is the main route through the centre of Aldershot, and this is an extremely busy road with numerous traffic light junctions and filtering from a dual carriageway into a two-lane road. It is also a road with many private dwellings with tight driveways and shops with off-road parking. It is likely that the collisions that occur along this road are due to these issues, so being aware of drivers trying to reverse into the road from a parking space is vital along this route. Another road that is a cause for concern is Lower Farnham Road, where numerous severe accidents have been noted, with several occurring near the junction of The Avenue and the run of shops opposite. The A325, running along the west of Aldershot, is a very fast and busy rote that carries a large volume of traffic from the M3 to the A3 in Hampshire. The Wellington Roundabout of the meeting of the A323 has similar crash statistics as most large urban roundabouts, with lane positioning being an issue, and when travelling south, the route has many traffic light junctions. Most of the collisions noted have occurred around these areas. This could be due to a number of factors, including frustration during rush hours or lack of indications and observations and excessive speed. 

These are only a very small outline of collision sites in Aldershot and across Hampshire. Please contact us if you have any specific roads you travel on in the area and are keen to discover what parts are at higher risk of collisions. We offer a free-of-charge service to anyone who is interested.