It is very common for new parents to lose their driving confidence once the baby comes along. Suddenly you have very precious cargo, and it is not uncommon for you to start to rethink your driving style.

You need to be confident when driving with a child on board, and you may need some coping strategies to help you become much more aware and safe, especially if you have an unexpected issue with the child on board. You need to know how and when to stop safely on the road you are driving on and make sure you have everything you need for the journey. During the Covid pandemic, no one was travelling anywhere apart from emergencies, which has added to many folks loss of confidence. Rather than hoping that the confidence will return on your own, it is often better to catch this early and take a course that will really help.

Become The Best Driver You Can Be:

Suppose you have never taken any further driving tuition since passing your driving test. In that case, we can help you become the best possible driver you can be, making sure that your precious cargo will arrive safely. Your stress levels will decrease with the tools we can give you to help reduce the anxiety that many new parents feel when taking their child out and about in the early days.

It is not uncommon for new parents to travel further afield from their everyday journeys, especially if grandparents live far away or if you want to take longer trips to activity days or short family breaks.

Let Us Help:

Here at Drivers Domain UK, we understand the issues you may be facing, and we can give you a unique toolbox of coping strategies that will not only help you to become a more confident driver in the short term but will also make you a safe driver for life. This is very important, especially when your children get older and are looking to you when they are beginning to start thinking about driving themselves. Learnt behaviour can often transfer from the parent to the child and make them anxious before even starting driving lessons, so your offspring must look to you to be as confident and safe as possible in your driving.

Talk to us and let us know what you’re needing help with. Remember, all our courses are bespoke to your needs.