Millbrook Pro Driving Course: 7hr with 3.0hrs at Millbrook – £1,150.00, which includes a £150 transferable discount on any future full-day on-road courses with us.


Millbrook Pro is a specialist course we offer designed for owners of high-performance cars who wish to receive one-to-one bespoke driver training to become a safer, more skilful driver. After this course, you will develop a better understanding of how your car behaves closer to, at, and beyond the limit.

Most drivers sadly never get to experience this. However, experiencing the characteristics of your car when things go badly wrong and knowing what to do is a great addition to your bank of driving skills.

Millbrook Pro is all about you, your car and what you specifically want to achieve. Each Millbrook Pro course we provide is a unique one-off training experience. This course allows you access to a range of special test areas at Millbrook Proving Ground – one of the world’s finest vehicle test facilities based in Bedfordshire.

While the training at Millbrook is reactive (i.e. what to do in an emergency), we also teach more proactive driving via on-road training (i.e. driving in a way which reduces the chances of an emergency occurring in the first place).

Once you master both these elements, you become a better driver.

Course Content Based Around You:

The course from start to finish is around 7hrs. During this time, you will learn on-road advanced driver training and more specialist training, which can only be done at a test facility.

We can customise a course around your needs. With Millbrook Pro, we don’t just offer an off-the-peg course; we can customise a course in a number of ways for you:

  1. You can have 4hr on-road training and then 3hr at Millbrook, or maybe you would like to do 2hr on-road, then 3hr at Millbrook, then 2hr on-road. Due to the nature of the training, it does make more sense to start any training with an on-road element.

  2. When at Millbrook, you may wish to work on perfecting high-speed braking or maybe experience your car at 100mph+ on the high-speed bowel. Or perhaps you want to work on developing your car control on rural roads – the Alpine Circuit is perfect for this. Should you wish to experience skid control, we can spend time on the dynamic pad – we can even arrange a water canon to wet the surface if you’re thinking more about limit control in the wet. Your exact content will be discussed beforehand with your tutor and us.

Your Tutor – Richard Bott

Due to the specialist nature of this course, the training is currently provided by just one specialist tutor, Richard Bott.

Richard has a lifelong passion for cars, driving and motorsport. He has a long, distinguished career as one of the UK’s foremost Performance Driver Coaches on both road and track. Richard’s approach combines the principles of vehicle behaviour with good road craft and intuitive, client-led coaching. His aim is to help people to be safer, confident and more complete drivers.

  1. Active racing driver for over 30 years
  2. Coaching on road and track for over 25 years
  3. Trained and qualified to international standard by Porsche for over 20 years
  4. Millbrook Permit Holder for over 20 years.
  5. Grade A ADI
  6. Level 4 BTEC in Coaching for Driver Development
  7. Level 4 BTEC in Performance Coaching
  8. NLP Practitioner
  9. Relaxed, friendly approach

Read our latest performance driving tips which Richard has created with us.

On-Road Training.

Part of Millbrook Pro is the on-road element. This is an essential part of the course as it allows our tutor to

  1. See what you’re like as a driver and identify any bad habits
  2. Develop your powers of observation and planning in traffic environments

During the on-road session, you will also look at:

  1. Forward planning and observation
  2. Car control (gears, steering)
  3. Using the engine power safely and legally to your advantage
  4. Using speed safely on challenging rural roads
  5. Reversing and manoeuvres (if required)
  6. Town and urban defensive driving
  7. Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
  8. Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
  9. Understanding other road users and their intentions
  10. Driving on motorways, dual carriageways
  11. Learning to become a smoother driver at both low and high speeds

Areas of Millbrook

Millbrook is one of the worlds leading test facilities. It has an incredible number of tracks and test areas. While some are relevant to performance driving, others are not. Below is a map of Millbrook. The orange circles indicate where we mostly produce training.

If there are specific areas you want to focus on, that’s fine. We can bespoke your time at Millbrook according to your own needs.

You can learn more about the various areas we use here.

Cost – £1,150 including vat which includes a £150 transferable discount on any future full-day on-road courses with us.

Unique Course Verification

We know a number of clients will want to complete this course as proof of having taken this specialist training. With this in mind, each client taking this course will be posted a post-course driving report, which will be assigned a unique 6-digit hologram security verification number.

Should anyone wish to verify your report in the future, which is common for those taking roles as professional drivers, we can verify this.

View a report example: (opens a new window)

Get in Touch:

Should you feel Millbrook Pro is right for you, we would love to hear from you. You can email the Millbrook Pro course specialist directly at

If you wish to book or are very keen to go ahead, please complete this initial contact form; this helps us better understand you and your specific requirements. If you decide to book, these notes will be shared and discussed with our tutor.