We offer taxi and chauffeur driver training for current taxi and chauffeur drivers who are facing some kind of issue with their driving. We do not do preparation for taxi tests or arrange taxi tests. This training is specifically for current taxi and chauffeur drivers, which may fall into these categories:

1. Have had one or a number of collisions and need to demonstrate their commitment to becoming a safer driver
2. Have been caught speeding and need to demonstrate their willingness to manage their speed and improve their overall standard of road safety
3. Have had complaints from passengers and so urgently need to identify their weaknesses and improve as a driver
4. Have a need to improve the general smoothness of their driving – essential if they are chauffeurs in luxury vehicles

This course is also perfect for taxi and chauffeur companies, who are serious about improving the general standard of their drivers.

Our Taxi Driving Training Key Facts:
1. Full UK coverage – we have over 240 qualified tutors nationwide
2. Training to take place in the drivers own taxi / private hire vehicle
3. All tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Registered
4. Training is either 7hr or 3.5hr
6. Detailed report for each driver sent on email as a PDF

Benefits of Our Taxi Driver Training:

1. Feel confident that your taxi driver has had the very best on-road training
2. Demonstrate your Duty of Care
3. Lower motoring costs, including insurance, repair and fuel costs
4. Help identify and deal with poor drivers in your fleet
5. Demonstrate to your clients you’ve invested in bespoke training

Driving a taxi or being a chauffeur is a busy, often stressful job. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs often cover huge annual mileage, so any at-risk habits and driving styles, such as speeding, tailgating, inattention, and generally poor standards of driving, tend to cause many more issues than if they were average motorists. The fact they are also driving lots of different people with different needs and requirements all day long really does highlight the vital importance of making sure all your drivers are coached to be as good as they can be. It’s not just from a Duty of Care viewpoint, having courteous, safe and skilful drivers reflects well on your business.

How a Taxi Driver Training Session Works:

All the training is bespoke to the needs of the driver. We don’t just offer an off-the-peg assessment. Our course is designed to get the very best from your driver. We provide a professional, non-judgemental approach to our training. Whether your driver or drivers simply need a refresher or a more deeper training session to help iron out any at-risk habits – we can help. That’s the bespoke nature of our training.

On the day, we will have a chat with the driver (or you, the organiser, if needed) to get an understanding of the issues the driver or drivers are facing. After a licence check and vehicle safety check, we will let the driver drive how they normally do for 20 minutes or so. This gives the tutor a good insight into the driver and how they drive; even if they are “putting on a display” as a lot of drivers do, we are able to see any ingrained habits and driving styles which the driver will not be aware of.

During the session, more of the driver’s styles and habits come to the surface, which provides an excellent platform for development and coaching.

After the initial drive, there is a non-driving session to recap and go over what the tutor has observed.

From then, the training will focus on the driver and getting the best from them. During the training, a number of the points below are covered:

* Forward planning and observation
* Speed awareness
* Advanced cornering techniques
* How to provide a smooth, comfortable drive for passengers
* Identifying and dealing with driver fatigue
* How to become a safer driver on all roads
* Dealing with in-vehicle distractions
* Car control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
* Car handling dynamics and techniques
* Rules of the road
* Dealing with road rage
* Commentary driving
* Reversing and manoeuvres
* Vehicle stability and control
* Motorway driving
* Town and urban defensive driving
* Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
* Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, planning)
* Understanding other road users and their intentions 

After the course:

We encourage feedback from the driver at all stages of the training. At the end of the training, we provide detailed feedback. You will receive a detailed report for each driver sent as a PDF, which looks at their driving at the start of the training and also at the end, where we score them from Excellent to Poor in over 20 areas of driving. There are also detailed notes from the tutor. Each report has a unique verification code applied, so you (or a client) can check the validity of the report at any time in the future with us. The tutor’s name and DVSA registration number are on the report, along with the date of training and the driver’s name.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.