We have happily delivered bespoke advanced driver training courses for both private clients as well as businesses in and around the lovely market town of Abergavenny, the gateway to Wales.  Unlike other providers of advanced driver training, Drivers Domain UK is able to give a bespoke service that includes one-on-one training from your home or business address.

The training received from our outstanding tutors who cover the Abergavenny area will include rural as well as urban and motorway training, depending on the length of the course you require.

Remember – Each driving course is totally bespoke to your own specific needs and requirements. This applies to both our business and private client courses.

Our advanced driving courses around Abergavenny cover a range of roads from:

* Urban – The centre of Abergavenny or larger towns such as Newport, Cardiff or Hereford, depending on the direction the session takes, are ideal towns to help our DVSA registered tutors teach forward planning, scanning the road and helping drivers improve their road awareness also helping the driver to understand issues better with pedestrians and cyclists as well as other road users.

* Rural – Once out of Abergavenny town centre and onto the B426 roads, we can really help you understand the correct positioning for bendy and twisty roads, as well as show you how to read the road without signage.

For all our bespoke driving courses in Abergavenny, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – Many fast routes serve Abergavenny, but the nearest motorway is the M4 to the South, running from London into Swansea. We use the A4042 to Newport via Pontypool and Cwmbran to access this motorway from Abergavenny. By following such routes, we can help drivers become more confident when using motorways for travel. During an advanced driver course, we will be able to teach you how to enter and exit busy junctions at the correct speed and how to change lanes and overtake successfully. With a few car control driving systems to hone your observation techniques, you will find that motorway driving is not so stressful. From unconfident drivers to business drivers, motorway training is the optimum way to make sure that you are composed and safe when using fast, busy routes.

Rural Roads – The rural areas around Abergavenny have been the scene of many collisions. For example, Abergavenny Road, which merges into Crickhowell Road toward the B4560, has been littered with accident sites. Driving in rural areas can be worrying if you are unfamiliar with them as they tend to have different issues from other roads. There is much less streetlighting, very few warning signs, and often single-track lanes in some areas – they can also be fast yet windy. If you are looking to improve your rural driving because you have recently moved into the area or are thinking about using a campervan or motorhome to explore the UK, then a short course will ensure you cope with all aspects of rural driving. We can create a course that encapsulates the roads you have the most issues with and ensure you understand how to drive safely in rural settings, which will help your overall driving on any road type.

Urban Training – Abergavenny is a small but bustling town and is known as the ‘Gateway to Wales’. We have helped many drivers in South Wales improve by using advanced driver skills that will allow you to drive in urban areas without worry. We use the junctions of the A40 and the A465 to show you how to navigate the large roundabouts and multilane traffic systems. We can then look to driving via the M40 into Abergavenny town centre, and by using the Mount Street junction, for example, we can drive into the town centre.

Here we can help you with any parking issues, from parallel parking on a busy road to reversing into parking spaces in a carpark. A few one-way systems in Abergavenny, such as Market Street, runs through the town centre and with a little extra training, you will be able to use your skills to avoid inpatient drivers in rush hours and stay safe. Many accidents are found in urban environments, but they tend to be at lower speeds and near junctions and are mainly the result of poor driving observations.

Using only the very best tutors nationwide, a course with us at Drivers Domain UK has many advantages that include:

* Bespoke one-to-one driver training
* Full UK coverage, including Northern and Southern Ireland
* We only have the very best DVSA-registered fleet/advanced driving instructors with at least 5 years of experience with tutoring.
* You will always have your personal account manager to hand helping you find the best dates to suit you as well as making sure you receive your driver report/ certificate of training within a day of course completion.
* All training undertaken with Drivers Domain UK is fully tailored to the individual driver’s needs and, or any requirements needed by the company if a business booking.
* Detailed training report showing improvement before and after the session, with notes from the tutors and recommendations for the driver. All reports carry a risk assessment where the majority of drivers, after training with us, do end with a Low-Risk status.

We cover Abergavenny as well as the rest of the UK, and our tutors come to you; you do not have to attend a centre. We provide bespoke advanced/defensive driver training to companies and private individuals using our national network of the best DVSA-registered advanced driving instructors in the business!

Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

Road Safety Risks and Information – Abergavenny

Abergavenny lies on the A40, the main route from Fishguard to London; although much of its route has been taken over by motorways such as the M40, it still retains much through traffic. It is also where the A465 meets and becomes the main route from the Midlands through to Swansea and South Wales Valleys along the A4042.

Lying only six miles from the border of England in Monmouthshire, the market town of Abergavenny does see a lot of tourism through the summer months, with numerous camping and holiday sites across the area. With this will always come drivers who are unfamiliar with their route, which can be frustrating for locals at best and devastating for all should a collision occur. Routes such as the A40 and Brecon Road, there have been some particularly nasty collisions, including fatalities near the Lamb and Flag on the road leaving Abergavenny; these could be due to excessive speed, but there are also bus stops here, so the possibility of overtaking could also be a contributing factor. It is wise to look out for these signs when driving in unfamiliar territory. This treelined road is winding, with numerous accident sites along the whole route all the way into Crickhowell. The A465,  The Heads of the Valleys Road, links from the challenging junction of the A40 and the A4042 south of Abergavenny, and there are numerous crash sites at this junction.

The Heads of the Valleys Road is littered with accident sites, with some very severe ones noted in the few miles between Abergavenny and Gilwern. The A465 to the east, leading from the Midlands, is a fast road with numerous crash sites, especially as it nears the junction to join the A40. The Abergavenny town centre is relatively accident-free, probably down to much of the retail hub being pedestrianised and the main A40 ring road taking much of the traffic volume away from the centre. The B4521 Hereford Road appears to be problematic with many collisions; this leads from the centre of Abergavenny and is probably down to commuter traffic more than tourism as it is a built-up urban area and possibly used as a shortcut through to join the A456 for those with local knowledge.

The rural areas surrounding Abergavenny are very picturesque. Still, some areas are hazardous, such as the B4521 Old Ross Road, where more minor roads tend to be more winding and when the collisions occur, they are where very narrow lanes cross. The Old Hereford Road at Pantygelli is also quite hazardous and should be driven carefully. Abergavenny has a significant traffic volume for a small market town due to the through roads, resulting in more accidents. Still, as long as each individual driver is taking more precautions in hot spot areas, it will help others remain safe on the roads.

These are only a very slight outline of collision sites in Abergavenny. If you have any specific roads you travel on in the area and are keen to discover what parts are at higher risk of collisions, please contact us. We offer a free-of-charge service to anyone interested.