Since 2010, we have delivered the very best in bespoke advanced driver training courses for businesses and private clients living and working in or near the busy market town of Abingdon, in the vale of the White Horse district.  Drivers Domain UK is able to give a fully tailored service that incorporates one-on-one training from your business or home address, unlike many other providers of driver training where you would have to attend a centre.

Drivers Domain UK is proud to put forward our highly qualified and experienced DVSA tutors who will be able to tailor your session uniquely to your exact needs in Abingdon, we can include rural, urban and motorway training, whatever you need, and for whatever reason.

Our advanced driving courses covering Abingdon will include a number of roads from:

For all our bespoke driving courses in Abingdon, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – Abingdon has the A34 running to the east of the town, and this is the nearest route we use for Motorway driving courses. Although the A34 is not a dedicated motorway, it has many areas that are dual carriageways and are ideal for learning specific techniques for driving at faster speeds. From the A34, we can join the A4142 to the South of Oxford and onto the M40 to hone skills dedicated to motorway driving. Better forward planning and observations are a must when driving on busy motorways and can be taught in a short time. If you have never had any extra training since passing your driving test, you may not understand the regulations of motorway driving, and this can make motorway driving seem more stressful than other more local town roads. When we deliver advanced driver training, we find that even the most unconfident drivers can confidently use motorways again after avoiding them, sometimes for many years. We also train new drivers to use motorways safely and with confidence.

Rural Roads – Being in the heart of Oxfordshire, many roads around Abingdon are pretty rural, and being between the Cotswolds and the Chiltern Hills sees many tourists each year to the county. We sometimes use the Whitecross Road out of Abingdon towards Cumnor and join the B4107, where there are many rural roads and minor country lanes to travel. Unfortunately, most rural accidents involve younger drivers at speed, which tend to be more severe than accidents in the town or on motorways. Rural driving has many hazards, from seasonal changes bringing floods or tree falls in the winter to slow-moving traffic following farming vehicles in the summer, which tends to leave mud on the roads or lose debris from their loads. Because rural roads tend to be unlit and have much less signage, they can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with them or overconfident. Still, some simple advanced driving skills, such as the ‘Limit Point’ for winding and bendy roads and commentary driving, can really help you.

Urban Training – Abingdon is a small but busy town just 8 miles from Oxford, and it is a great area to undertake further driver training to minimise your road risk when driving in busy urban environments. By learning how to anticipate the actions of other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, you can confidently navigate busy urban areas. We have helped many private drivers become safer on the road and prospective delivery drivers who may have many drops and need to park safely on a busy street.

Drivers Domain UK has trained many happy and confident drivers in and around Abingdon and can offer:

* Full UK coverage, including Scotland and Northern Ireland
* Drivers Domain UK only use the best DVSA registered fleet/advanced driving instructors with at least 5 years of experience with tutoring, both corporate and private
* Drivers Domain UK training courses are fully tailored to the individual driver’s needs and, or any exacting requirements needed by the company if a business booking.
* One-to-one driver tailored to the individual training
* You will be assigned your own course Coordinator, who will deal with all aspects of the course, from booking dates to taking payments. All of our Course Coordinators are highly experienced in dealing with any number of reasons why a course may be needed, and confidentiality is our utmost goal.
* Within a day or two of course completion, you will receive your detailed training report showing improvement before and after the session; there will be notes from the tutors as well as recommendations for the driver.

We cover the Abingdon area as well as the rest of the UK, and our tutors come to you, taking you out in your own vehicle; you do not have to attend a driving track or centre.  We are very proud of the training we deliver from the best tutors in the UK.

Please contact us for a quote and more information about how we can help.

Road Safety Risks and Information – Abingdon

The urban network of roads in the centre of Abingdon is mainly one-way, cutting down the collision rates quite dramatically, especially along Stert Street and the corner of High Street. Still, it becomes dual-lane traffic where High Street meets Ock Street. Many crash sites are noted along the route; several are severe, and few are fatal. In heavy traffic, especially during rush hours, urban roads can be congested and frustrating, and accidents are far more likely. As Ock Street is also the main A415 route through the town, many drivers would consider Abingdon a shortcut from rural Wiltshire to the M40, bringing even more volume of traffic to the area than perhaps necessary. Many crash sites along Ock Street are near junctions where more minor roads meet or traffic light intersections, so it is wise to be extra cautious in such built-up areas.

The traffic light 3-way junction of Stratton Way and Wootton Road is a particularly hazardous spot with numerous collision sites noted here, similar to the Wootton Road and Farringdon Road roundabout further along the route. As Wootton Road runs across the town, it meets the roundabout and traffic light junction of Dunmore Road and Copenhagen Drive, and numerous accidents have occurred at this site; these happen more on the Dunmore Road side of the intersection. On the outskirts of Abingdon, Radley Road and Audlett Drive are routes with several severe accident sites. These areas are in built-up communities and housing estates with low-speed limits and many speed-calming measures already in place, but it would be wise to be aware that not all drivers obey such measures.

In the more rural areas near Abingdon, the accidents occur near Whitecross on the B4017, Wootton Road, where more minor lanes cross, especially near Long Tow lane. Kennington Road near Radley College is another area of concern, and being a college may indicate that young drivers may have been involved. 

These are only a very brief outline of collision sites in Abingdon. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any specific roads you travel on in the area and are keen to discover what parts are at higher risk of collisions. We offer a free-of-charge service to anyone interested.