North Yorkshire has a wide network of roads to offer a comprehensive driver training session for all drivers. The county, which is the largest in the UK covers a huge 3,341 sq/mi. There is a significant network of roads we can provide advanced driver training for clients. We have already helped private and business clients in North Yorkshire in areas such as Whitby, Scarborough, Harrogate, Skipton and Catterick.

With our advanced driving courses, we do try and cover as many roads as possible. In North Yorkshire, we provide training on the A1 ( M ), sometimes over to the M6 depending on your location and also M62, M1 if we are heading south out of the county. North Yorkshire has many thousands of miles of rural roads, which form a perfect backdrop for our rural road training, these include a range of B-roads and also busier roads like the A61, and A59).

Rural roads are dangerous, challenging and so we always like to ensure a large portion of a course is devoted to these roads (unless you are doing a specialist course such as motorway driver training). Most of the training will take place in the county, although if you are located in the more northerly areas, such as Whitby or Northallerton, we often head up towards Middlesborough and Sunderland. If you are in the south, we will often head towards Leeds and Bradford area. Each course is bespoke to you and/or your drivers, and so the specific route and types of roads will vary slightly from course to course.

Remember – All our on-road driving courses are tailored to your exact requirements. For both business and private clients. 



During a session we typically look at:

  • Observation and awareness of the driving environment
  • Becoming more speed aware
  • Developing an improved attitude towards motoring
  • How to become a more skilful driver on all types of roads
  • Car  control (looking at gears, steering, use of signals)
  • Motoring law
  • Coping and defusing with road rage
  • Manoeuvres and driving in restricted areas
  • Coping with bad weather
  • Driving in busy urban environments
  • Learning why skids happen and how to control  skid
  • Learning how to save fuel through economical motoring
  • Learning to see and not just look when driving
  • Learning how to better anticipate the actions of other road users

Benefits of advanced driver training (personal):

  • Improve driver ability and confidence   
  • Remove bad habits
  • Address problems specific to your driving
  • Improve your car control
  • Reduce wear on your vehicle

If you are looking at an advanced driving course as part of a fleet driver training plan, the advantages to training cover:

  • Increase driver safety in your fleet
  • Demonstrate Duty of Care
  • Possibly reduce your fleet insurance costs
  • Boost morale among your drivers
  • Provide increased skill and confidence for your drivers
  • Reduce your fleet fuel costs

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