We offer specialist advanced and defensive driver training for fully qualified LGV/HGV drivers covering C1, C, C1+E and C+E entitlements across the UK.  More companies are becoming aware of the need to increase the driving standards of HGV drivers and to demonstrate their duty of care.

Our advanced courses for qualified HGV drivers are designed to take their current level of driving and raise it to a higher level, that helps reduce their occupational road risk, and become safer, more observant, fuel efficient advanced drivers.

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HGV Course Format:

We offer a half (3.5hr) or full (7hr) session for qualified LGV/HGV drivers wanting to take advanced/defensive driver training. All training takes place in your own HGV. After the initial introductions and licence checks, there will be some initial safety checks. Assuming all is ok, then the driver will be asked to drive in a way they usually do with no input from the tutor. This allows the tutor to see the level of driving they are up to. This initial drive usually lasts for 20-30 minutes, sometimes a little longer.

After the initial drive, there is an open, two way discussion, where our instructor gives feedback on how the driver performed on the initial drive – fundamentally what they are like as a driver – both strengths and weaknesses. This forms the basis for the training element.

The main training element focuses on lowering the road risk of the driver, if we found on the initial drive that the driver has an issue with speed for example, we will ensure more time is dedicated to speed awareness. If another driver is having issues with judgement and maneuvers – again the course will be adjusted to help develop a drivers spacial awareness and so on. Our courses for LGV/HGV drivers are designed to be customised to the needs and requirements of the driver.

At the end of the course, there will be a debrief, which will recap the day and hints and tips for the future. A full report, which measures a driver in over 20 elements will be emailed to you. The report indicates the overall road risk of the driver – which is either High, Medium or Low risk.

Our Tutors:

Our tutors delivering LGV/HGV training have the entitlement (either C1, C, C1+E or C+E), which matches the vehicle they are training in. Furthermore they are all highly experienced in delivering advanced and defensive driver training in LGV/HGV vehicles, and are registered with the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency).

Many tutors are also highly experienced ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors) who, in addition to LGV/HGV training, also deliver advanced driver training for car drivers. We ensure all our tutors have a passion for advanced driving and road safety.


Course Content:

* Forward planning and observation
* Maneuvers (Including safe reversing)
* Advanced vehicle control
* Fuel efficient driving
* Rules of the road
* Creating a positive attitude
* Speed awareness
* Loading and load awareness
* Dealing with stress and driving
* Dealing with adverse weather


A half-day course (3.5hr) session costs £250+VAT. A full day (7hr)  is £370+VAT (£430 if you are in an area we have little coverage). We can train as few as just one LGV/HGV driver, or 100+. We can also operate a 2:1 format where one tutor trains a driver in the morning for 3.5hrs, and one in the afternoon for the same time. This works out at £185 + vat a driver and is very popular due to the time and cost savings.

Please use the contact form on the upper right of this page to get in touch. We cover most of the UK and can come to you for the training. Should you be in a location where we have to draft tutors in from other parts of the UK (100 + miles), which is often the case for more remote areas (Scotland and far South East) we require an extra £30 per 3.5hr session/£60 per 7hr session, so in this instance, a full day would be £430+VAT. The additional cost is to cover travel and hotel for the tutors.