Our defensive and advanced driving courses are not just for car drivers, we also offer bespoke advanced/defensive minibus driver training nationwide for those that want to become safer minibus drivers. We are unique to other providers who may offer Midas, or Cat D1 test training, as this specific course is only intended to be taken by current minibus drivers.

Our minibus driving course is ideal for drivers who:

1. Have recently started a job, which involves driving a minibus, but have little or no experience in driving such a vehicle
2. Drives a minibus as part of their job, but has been having a few too many bumps and scrapes or near misses
3. Drives a minibus but struggles with the size and needs additional tuition to become safer
We can provide minibus driver training in both small and large minibuses, up to 16 passenger seats (that can be used on a normal “B” car driving licence). You will need to have D1 entitlement in your licence. Category D1 – this means you can drive a minibus with up to 16 passenger seats without needing an additional driving test. You should also find a code printed next to this on your licence (101), which means ‘not for hire or reward’.

All training is in your own minibus – we do not supply any vehicles ourselves.

Minibus Training – Course Content:

  1. Forward planning and observation
  2. How to gain confidence when driving a minibus
  3. Car vs Minibus – the key differences you need to be aware of
  4. How to concentrate with a noisy, full minibus
  5. Rules of the road
  6. Minibus Maneuvers (Right and Left reverse + reversing)
  7. Advanced mirror use
  8. Cornering techniques
  9. Skid control techniques
  10. How a full minibus impacts on vehicle handling and braking
  11. Psychological elements of minibus driving
  12. Space management and awareness
  13. Motorway, Town and Rural driving techniques for minibuses.

Following the course, each driver will get a full driving report outlining what was covered and their overall risk. We measure a driver both before and after training in 20 areas of driving, so you can see how they have improved and in what areas.

Quote & Course Duration:

We can provide a full day (7hrs) and a half-day (3.5hrs) across the UK. If you want to train a number of drivers, we can split a day, so one driver is trained for 3.5hr in the morning and another driver trained for 3.5hr in the afternoon for the same price as a full day.

Our Tutors:

All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered fleet/advanced driving instructors who specialise in driver training for full licence holders. The tutors we use for minibus driver training have extensive experience in delivering training for minibus drivers and other vehicles of similar size.

Get in Touch:

Please contact us using the form on the upper right, or call us, and a member of our team will be happy to help answer any more questions you may have or to look at free dates. We have full UK coverage and will come to you for the training.