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Over 200 Advanced Driving Tutors
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Half & Full Day Bespoke Courses
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Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses
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Professional Bespoke Driving Courses – By Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Registered Advanced Driving Tutors

Driving Courses For Companies
Driving Courses For Individuals

How We Can Help You

We have a range of advanced and defensive driving courses, bespoke and designed to fit exactly with your needs and requirements. We understand every driver and business is different, and so an individual approach is what makes us different. This understanding is a key element which separates us from other driver training providers. We listen and understand you and your needs.

With our bespoke courses, we rate drivers both before and after training, so you can see how they have improved. This report is unique to us and has transformed how drivers are assessed and trained.

We Are Based All Over The UK & Come To You

This means that training can start from your office or any location of your choice. We can usually arrange a training session with around one weeks notice, sometimes much quicker depending on the numbers to be trained. All our tutors are DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) registered and are passionate about delivering the very highest level of training possible.


Your Advanced Driving Session – On The Day

At The Start

We first of all carry out brief car checks and check the licence of the driver. We also do an eyesight test as a matter of routine. These are standard checks any quality driver trainer should carry out before training. We then allow the driver to drive for around 20 minutes so we can get a feel for the level they are currently at, and how best we can bespoke the training to their needs.

The Training

After the initial drive has taken place and the driver has had a chance to relax, we start the actual training, which follows a short debrief. Training is based on the needs of the driver and covers training on a range of roads. We look at awareness, planning, observation, creating a positive attitude to driving, rules of the road, road signs, car control and much much more. More info is detailed in our eBrochure.

At The End

When the course comes to an end, we use this time to give constructive feedback on how the training has gone and to also let the driver give feedback too. We provide a full driving report for each driver. The report is sent on email a few days after the course.

Advanced Driving Course Booking

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Do You Have a Preferred Course?

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Private Clients:
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