We offer bespoke motorway driving courses for motorists who wish to improve their level of skill and safety on these busy roads. We already help people from a range of backgrounds and driving experiences, including:

1. Newly Qualified Drivers – Those who have recently passed their driving test, have never driven a car alone on a motorway, and want expert tuition. More info on this course

2. Motorway Anxiety – Drivers who have a specific anxiety about using a motorway, which they want to overcome. More info on this course

3. Post Motorway Collision/RTC – Motorists who have been involved in a road traffic collision (either on or off a motorway). More info on this course

4. Need To Use Motorways Those who need to use the motorway more and want to ensure their skills are up to the challenge.

Your Motorway Anxiety – Resolved:

Motorway anxiety is much more common than most think. Despite them being the safest of all UK roads, the speed, congestion and often complex junctions leave many dreading the thought of driving on them. This is why we have designed our bespoke motorway course, designed for drivers who want to regain their freedom and take control of motorway driving once and for all.

Our motorway courses are similar to our very popular nationwide advanced driving courses. The first thing we do in all our motorway courses is to listen to you, discuss your anxieties, talk about things you’re okay with, and also things that really concern you about motorway driving. Listening means we can much better bespoke the training to your own specific needs.

Course Content:

Below is what we cover on a typical course, although it does often vary from driver to driver:

1. How to safely enter and exit a motorway
2. Keeping a safe distance from other motorway users
3. Dealing with adverse weather (rain and wind mainly) on a motorway
4. How to cope with and defuse road rage on motorways
5. Learning to safely manage speed on motorways
6. How to remain alert on a long journey
7. How to recognise driver fatigue
8. Anticipate the actions and intentions of other motorway users
9. Rules and motorway signals
10. What to do in the event of a breakdown on a motorway
11. Observation and advanced planning

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Learn more about what “bespoke training” is all about.

Our motorway driving courses are delivered by DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered advanced driving instructors, who all have an extensive level of experience in delivering driver training to full licence holders.

Key Points:

1. We have over 200 tutors all over the UK
2. We come to you for the training
3. All training takes place in your own car or van
4. A tutor vehicle can be supplied for an additional cost if needed
5. A full report is produced for each driver taking the course

Enjoy 12 Months FREE Concierge Service  – When you take a course with us, you also enjoy a 1-year free membership with our Drivers Concierge service, providing a personalised, one-to-one helping hand for a range of motoring and driving assistance that you may need.

Learn more about what course duration is best for you – more info.
Learn more about the high-quality standard of our tutors – more info

You can book online at www.advanced-driving.co.uk/book/ selecting any full or half-day option, but in the notes section, mention it’s a motorway course and more details about what you want from the course.

On the Day:

Talking & Opening Up: On the day of the course, you will meet your tutor for a further informal, non-judgemental chat before the driving starts. We have a carefully set of questions we ask at the start, designed to get a better understanding of you and how best we can help. We ask insightful questions such as:

  1. How do you rate your driving
  2. What are your main fears and concerns
  3. What you want to achieve from the training
  4. What has motivated you to do this training
  5. What sort of driver you would love to become

The things you discuss here will form the pathway to improved driving confidence, which will be referred back to during your training with us.

If appropriate, there will be an initial drive where you will drive without any coaching from the tutor. This allows the tutor to assess your current strengths and weaknesses. A short debrief takes place before the training begins.

If you have not driven on a motorway or are specifically anxious about motorways, we will start slowly. A member of our team will be happy to discuss any specific issues you may have before booking.

What Next?

You can book online. But should you feel this motorway driving course is for you but have a few questions, please email us using the contact form on the upper right of this page for a speedy response. You can also call us. We are able to arrange a course with around two weeks’ notice usually.