We understand that an RTC (Road Traffic Collision) can have a huge impact on your life. An RTC, which happens on a motorway can have a profound impact. While they are the safest of all roads, the high speeds combined with the significant traffic volume can be very intimidating. Combine the stress and emotional impact, which comes after a collision, it’s very easy to understand why motorway anxiety can quickly form after a collision on such roads.

During a motorway driving course, for those that suffer anxiety following an RTC we adopt a caring approach, which initially looks at:

1. Your specific RTC and how it’s impacted on you
2. What things you find specifically anxiety-provoking
3. What you wish to focus on during the training (such as dealing with tailgating drivers, safely increasing your speed, how to overtake…)
4. Confronting any anxieties, which may be causing a resistance to the training

It’s perfectly natural to fear training. It’s also natural to even look for excuses not to do the training. The fact is you’ve now decided to take action and regain your confidence on motorways, which is an incredibly positive thing to do.


Bespoke Training Based Around You:

We don’t rush the training. It’s based around you. We understand some drivers may pick up their confidence quickly, we also know for others, a much slower approach is needed. We offer a range of courses in 3.5hr blocks.


Course Content:

Apart from the discussions about your RTC, the actual training looks at a range of things including:

1. How to safely enter and exit a motorway
2. Keeping a safe distance from other motorway users
3. Dealing with adverse weather (rain and wind mainly) on a motorway
4. How to cope with and defuse road rage on motorways
5. Learning to safely manage speed on motorways
6. How to remain alert on a long journey
7. How to recognise driver fatigue
8. Anticipate the actions and intentions of other motorway users
9. Rules and motorway signals
10. What to do in the event of a breakdown on a motorway
11. Observation and advanced planning

A lot of the time a driver will suffer anxiety, which is related to their collision. For example, if you were hit or clipped by a lorry, you may be fearful of passing such vehicles, or if you were hit from behind, you may find you dislike drivers tailgating you. We drill into the specific anxieties here and provide support to help address these issues. When you complete the training you will not only be a lot less anxious, you will have the knowledge of being a far safer, more skilful driver than before.

Our Tutors:

All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered driving instructors, who specialise in driver training for full licence holders.

Next Stage:

Please call or email us for an initial chat, we will be happy to answer any questions and to help you further. We have full UK coverage and come to you, where the training takes place in your own vehicle. You will get a comprehensive report after the training, which looks at how you have developed and in what areas, along with written notes from your tutor. When you train with us, you will also have a personal training manager who will be your point of communication before, during and after the training. They are here to help you with anything you need, or any questions or feedback you have.