You may be an experienced driver, or newly qualified. Whatever your experience level, we have a bespoke motorway driving course perfect for you. A lot of people who take our motorway driving course do so because:

1. They have developed a fear of motorways for no specific reason
2. They have developed a fear of motorways for a very specific reason, which could be anxiety after an RTC, a bad experience (such as a panic attack, road rage, near miss)
3. They have always had a fear of motorways that may be getting worse
4. Their general lack of driving has meant they’ve not had much experience of motorways and now are fearful of them

Motorway anxiety ranges from mild fear to a level of anxiety, which can trigger a panic attack. If you’re at the latter end of the spectrum we tend to find our longer duration courses work better (4 or 5 x 3.5hr sessions), as it can take time to address your anxieties and build your confidence.

Elements we look at on an anxiety-based motorway driving course:

1. Discussing your lack of confidence and anxiety – what elements do you feel have contributed to your issues
2. An introduction to motorways, either in short spells, or longer, based on what you need
3. How you can lower your anxiety by increasing your observation and planning
4. How by understanding other drivers, and drivers of HGVs, you can empower yourself and boost confidence
5. Looking at the very specific elements, which trigger your anxiety (thoughts and/or driving situations)
6. Soothing your anxiety through safer driving
7. Advanced and defensive driving skills, which will not only reduce or eliminate your anxiety, it will make you actually enjoy driving much more
8. How to safely enter and exit motorways with confidence
9. How to safely deal with tailgating drivers
10. How to avoid getting boxed in
11. Dealing with busy junctions and lanes
12. Learning to drive at a safe and progressive speed
13. Learn what to do if you make a mistake
14. Remaining confident in adverse weather
15. How to safely deal with motorway breakdowns

Scary Thoughts – from an anxious motorway driver:

Over the years we have trained many thousands of anxious motorway drivers. Here are a few words we hear, any sound familiar?

“Other cars get too close to me”
“I hate overtaking”
“I get tailgated by lorries”
“I don’t drive fast enough”
“I’m scared of getting in the wrong lane”
“I always seem to get boxed in”
“I worry other drivers think I’m doing something wrong”
“I’m convinced I’m going to crash”
“I hate driving under or over bridges”

Whatever your inner voice says, or whatever you worry about, we can help in a caring, non-judgemental way. All our tutors are experienced in helping drivers regardless of their skill, experience or fears.


Our courses do vary in structure, although prices are based on duration.

3.5hr session for £300.00
7hr session for £444.00
2 x 3.5hr sessions for £495.00
3 x 3.5hr sessions for £695.00
4 x 3.5hr sessions for £850.00
5 x 3.5hr sessions for £990.00

Learn more about what course duration is best for you – more info.
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You can book online at selecting any full or half-day option, but in the notes section, mention it’s a motorway course and more details about what you want from the course.