Info: This course is designed for new owners of high-performance cars, who realise that the car they are now (or soon to be) driving requires a higher level of driving ability and safety.

Many of our customers taking this course are those who have recently taken delivery of a range of prestige marques, including BMW M models, Mercedes AMGs, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferraris and much more. We will start the course with a chat about your car and what especially you would like to focus on. Many drivers taking this course tend to want a session that makes them safer, with an added focus on handling the additional power through safer, smoother driving. If the car is new and unfamiliar to you, we can spend some time with you learning the various controls and driver aids fitted.

This is not a high-performance course in the sense that we teach you how to “drive fast” like with other more focused performance driving courses. However, we do focus more on car control and building a safe progressive driving style, with the aim of making a safer, smoother driver.

On the day, the session starts with a relaxed initial drive, like with our other courses, where you will be asked to drive in the way you normally do, with no coaching input from the tutor. This allows you to relax and allows us to get a feel for what you are like as a driver.

After the initial drive, we then mark you either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Adequate or Poor in 25 key areas of driving, using one of our bespoke training reports. This is not a test, but we tend to use these results as more of a benchmark to show how you have improved during the day.

Each course is bespoke to the needs of you. However, typically, we cover the following things:

-Forward planning and observation
-Car control (gears, steering, use of power)
-Law and rules of the road
-Using the engine power safely and legally to your advantage
-Using speed safely on challenging rural roads
-Reversing and manoeuvres (if required)
-Dealing with driving in adverse weather
-Town and urban defensive driving
-Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
-Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
-Understanding other road users and their intentions
-Driving on motorways, dual carriageways
-Learning to become a smoother driver at both low and high speeds

We discuss the initial drive and actively encourage feedback before the coaching starts. We will base the coaching on what we see during the initial drive, what you specifically want, and the feel our tutor gets having spent time with you.

Half or Full Day? A half-day is ideal for those who want a shorter session to get up to speed with their new car, whilst a full day is ideal for those wanting a detailed and comprehensive session.

Ideal For: Owners of high-performance cars who want to ensure their driving is up to the standard to enjoy their car in a safe and legal yet enjoyable way. All training takes place in your own car. We can provide training on a Saturday at no additional cost. If you’re looking for a more track day orientated driving, then first of all have a look at our tips for enjoying track days.

Post Course: After the course, a full report will be sent via email with the free option of a certificate of completion too. Select your ideal training dates and book your course online – Start

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Track and Road?
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