We offer van driver training across the UK, including Manchester. We provide a service that is designed to reduce the road risk of a van driver and to ensure you feel confident when they are driving a company van.

We especially help with the following:

1. People who have recently started a job driving a van and have little or no experience in driving such a vehicle, and you feel they need additional training.

2. People who use a van as part of their job, but you have noticed they are having too many accidents or near misses.

We have a number of advanced driving instructors located in and around Manchester who can help provide either a half or full-day van driving course. Training can start from your office anywhere in the city or further afield. Training can take place from Monday to Saturday.

Our van driver training in Manchester does need to take place in your own van. Below are the most common types of vans we offer training in:

  • Mercedes Sprinter – This is one of the most common vans we provide driver training in for the majority of our customers in Manchester. The Mercedes Sprinter comes in a range of sizes and dimensions.

  • Ford Transit/Luton – Our tutors have helped many “White Man Van” drivers become safer, more courteous drivers.

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Van Driver Training Routes – Manchester.

With our van driver training that takes place in Manchester, we try to cover a wide range of areas on a wide range of roads. Depending on your location, we often head south towards Stockport, using the A6 and/or the A34. The motorway element is often on the M60 and/or M56, depending on traffic. We often head north of Manchester, too, on towards Rochdale and further afield.

Traffic in Manchester:

The traffic in Manchester is often highly congested, which we tend to find contributes to minor incidents for van (and often car) drivers. Often a large proportion of van incidents also occur whilst reversing due to their size and lack of a rear windscreen – mirror use is essential! As part of the training, we work on teaching drivers to reverse safely and under complete control.

Course Content:

  • Effective observation.
  • How to defuse road rage
  • Right and Left reverse + reversing
  • Van mirror use
  • All weather driver
  • Psychology of driving
  • Van handling and dynamics with loads
  • Spacial Awareness
  • Motorway, Town and Rural driving techniques

Following the course, each driver will get a full driving report outlining what was covered and their overall risk.

Don’t have a van? We don’t supply vans for training. However, if you would like a session and need a van, we would recommend hiring a van local to yourself, and training can then be arranged to start from the van hire depot. A number of customers who needed van training but did not have access to a van opted for this.

Course Duration:

We can provide a full day (7hrs) and a half day (3.5hrs) in Manchester. Please contact us for prices.

We can train as few as one driver or as many as 100+

We have over 200 tutors all over the UK and can come to your office to start the training. Call or email us using the form in the upper right of the screen. You can book online at www.advanced-driving.co.uk/book/