We live in a world of speed, convenience and customisation. Everything can be had quickly, conveniently and exactly how you want it. It wasn’t that long ago where you would buy car insurance and come away with just that. Generally nothing else was offered. Now there is an array of add-on extras such as legal cover, breakdown, physiotherapy cover, various legal add-ons and so on.

When you buy a new car, you have the option of various add-ons too, ranging from paint protection, alloy wheel insurance, GAP insurance and more.

Everything is being built around the customer, giving them the option of things, which may be of benefit for them.

Offering Advanced Driving As a “Bolt-On”:

As a company we have already made it much easier for businesses and the general public to improve their driving, through easy online course bookings. We are the UK’s leader when it comes to being able to quickly and conveniently book online, one of a number of bespoke driving courses. Whether that be a van course for a new employee, an advanced driving course for an owner of a high powered car, a pre-court speed awareness driving course or a confidence course for someone that has been involved in an RTC.

There are over 48 million driving licence holders in the UK – we have the perfect course for each and every one!


Advanced Driving Courses – for Car Dealers:

Car dealers already offer a range of add-ons for customers. Offering an advanced driving course will be ideal for more forward thinking, safety conscious customers, who want to combine bespoke driver training with the purchase of their new car.

This is especially relevant if they are buying a higher performance car, if they are newly qualified or if they are looking at a new car, after a recent road traffic collision (RTC).

If you’re a car dealer and are interested in offering your customers advanced driver training at the time of purchase, plus the chance of generating additional revenues through making safer drivers, please email caron@driversdomainuk.com



Advanced Driving Courses – for Insurance Companies:

Insurance companies already help customers with a range of add-ons as previously mentioned. Offering advanced driving courses and similar is ideal for those who simply want to invest time and money in making themselves safer drivers, although car insurance savings will generally not be available.

This could be particularly beneficial for high risk drivers. Helping promote safer driving tends to fit very well into most ethically focused car insurers.

For more info about possible add-ons for insurance companies, agents, and related businesses, please contact rob@driversdomainuk.com



The Future of Driver Training:

Currently full licence driver training is often reserved for businesses who train their staff as part of their Health & Safety strategy, and also a number of private individuals, who require training for a number of reasons. With regards to B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses, being able to offer training to the general public will not only be a great way to put safer drivers on our roads, it’s also an “add-on”, which has significant benefits to a business on many levels.

In a world where businesses and the public are starting to think so much more about social, environmental and ethical implications of their actions, advanced driver training makes so much sense.