With the large proportion of vehicles on the road in the UK belonging to companies, it is now widespread that many companies are choosing Drivers Domain UK for all their on-road fleet training.  

Our courses are not created purely for a company’s Duty of Care to the driver and other road users but also as a great way of getting insurance premium reductions due to drivers being more aware of the responsibilities of driving your company vehicles and the ramifications of poor driving. Drivers no longer have excuses for frequent bumps and scrapes.

How driving courses can help

At Drivers Domain UK, we tailor our courses for each individual driver, as they are all unique and have many different issues. A half-day session per driver is excellent for bringing all drivers up to a good driving standard across the fleet. We would recommend a full day if we looked at a driver with speed awareness and slow manoeuvring issues or if they are very inexperienced.

Disciplinary Action

Our driver training can be beneficial if you have a driver with issues resulting in disciplinary action. Once they have taken training with us, they have no more excuses for causing damage to vehicles or upsetting other road users. Putting a training plan in place shows that not only is the driver being treated fairly by encouraging them to do a course, but it will also be practical for your health and safety or HR departments. It also shows that as a company, your dedication is always proactive to road safety.

UK Wide coverage

If you are a company with drivers all across the UK, we can still provide training; we can go to them wherever they may be, from all of the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have carried out training for thousands of drivers, and we are proud in the knowledge that we are helping to create more responsible and safe drivers day by day.

Unique and coded driver reports

Within a few days of course completion, you will receive the driver report that will carry a risk assessment, if this is a high or medium to high, we would recommend further training, but on the whole, most drivers do come out as low-risk after training. DVSA registered tutors take all the training and sign off all reports. At Drivers Domain UK, we only have the best ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) on our books, assuring that your package of bespoke driver training is of the highest standard offered in the UK.

Get in touch for more information

Please call or email for more information, and one of our efficient team members will be able to show you how we can create a tailored package for your individual needs. Our pricing remains the same, correct as of January 2023 – £370 + vat for a full day that can be split between 2 drivers, or £250 + vat for one driver with a single half-day session.