We offer bespoke defensive driving courses across the UK. We understand businesses know the advantages that driver training can bring, not only from a Duty of Care legal point, but for also for the interest of driver safety.

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Benefits of our Courses:

* Improved driver safety
* Demonstrating your Duty of Care
* Reduced fuel costs
* Reduced fleet insurance premiums

Defensive Driving Course – Costs:

We offer two course formats, a half day at £230 + vat a driver, and a full day at £340 + vat. Should you wish we can train drivers on a 2:1 format, with one being trained for 3.5hrs in the morning and one for 3.5hrs in the afternoon. This works out at just £170 + vat a driver.

If you are looking to train a number of drivers, we can offer this 2:1 training across several locations over days or weeks. Many of our customers have 100+ drivers all in different locations. As part of our service to you, we can offer not only training but full assistance in arranging the drivers at different locations.



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Course Content:

Our defensive driving courses (also know as advanced driving courses) cover the following elements:

* Observation & Forward Planning: We help drivers look much further up the road when driving. Many traffic incidents occur due to a lack of planning and observation. We help drivers look and think – and not just see.

* Anticipation: We help drivers develop an enquiring mind when driving. Has that driver seen me? What is that cycling doing? All these are critical factors in learning to be a safe driver. Anticipation is a key element of driving and intertwines with observation and forward planning.

* Car Control: We help drivers on our defensive driving course to understand all elements of car control, from use of the steering and foot controls, to learning how to handle a car on different road surfaces and types, in varying weather conditions.

* Rules of the Road: Many drivers are not aware of the various rules of the road. During our defensive driving courses we ensure any obvious gaps in their knowledge is filled and that their level of knowledge improves. Rules of the road includes regulations, and traffic signs along with any other relevant issues.

* All Weather Driving: Our defensive driving courses are designed to equip drivers with the necessary skills to drive in all weather. We cover this in theory and if the weather permits, in practise too!

* Driver Psychology: We help drivers understanding the thinking, both positive and negative which makes up a driver, and look at various issues such as driving when tired, driving when distracted and coping with road rage.


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Bespoke Training:

Unlike other course providers, our courses are designed around the needs of the driver, so if one driver has an issue with attention, we can focus on that, if another has an issue with speed, we can work on their speed awareness. Drivers taking our defensive driving courses vary hugely. Below are a range of drivers we help:

* Drivers who require training as part of company policy

* At risk drivers – those who are having too many accidents in company cars or vans

* New to UK drivers – those who have only recently come to the UK and need an introduction to our roads

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We can help with all drivers, of all abilities – please contact us for a quote on 0333 577 6620 or 0333 567 0264 or email rob@driversdomainuk.com for more info. You can also request a quote using the form to the upper right of this screen.