We offer on-road advanced and defensive driving courses across the UK. For companies who may not be in a position to do on-road training, but see the need to educate their drivers in advanced/defensive driving techniques, then our online advanced/defensive driving webinar is the perfect solution.

Our Online Advanced/Defensive Driving Webinar is Perfect For Those That:

  1. Have a team of drivers/employees, who all need to be introduced to advanced/defensive driving via an online webinar
  2. Find it really hard to get all drivers/employees together for a seminar, and so need to arrange a webinar for them
  3. Are doing on-road training soon, but would like to start things off with a group session

What Happens:

Arranging a webinar with us is simple.

All you need to do is make contact with us, explaining what you’re looking for specifically, along with numbers who wish to “attend” the webinar, and ideal dates you’re all free for the session.

We will conduct our webinar via Zoom, where you will be given a username and password for the webinar to give to delegates, which will take place at an agreed date and time. We can run webinars up to 50 people. 


£250 + vat per webinar. 

The cost for a webinar, which usually takes on average 90 minutes to 2 hours is £250 + vat. This includes a certificate of attendance for each driver too. The actual duration depends on numbers and how interactive they are. If you have 5 drivers who don’t tend to ask many questions, it would be little over an hour. Where as 50 drivers with lots of questions, we would easily be pushing 2 hours or more.

Our Presenters:

Our presenters are experienced advanced driving instructors, who also provide our on-road driver training, so you can be confident that your team will be learning from the very best. You will also get to talk with your presenter before the course too, so we can pitch the tone of the course to your audience and own specific needs


Course Content:

Occupational Road Risk
Some facts by road type

Managing the vehicle
What vehicle checks do you do?
Safety Checks

Managing traffic situations
How many faces can you see?
Can you find the Hidden Tiger?
Count how many passes the players in white shirts make  (video)
We see what we expect to see

What is safe driving?
Drive like an O.A.P.
Series of photographs of driving scenario’s for discussion
Risk aware – what is a hazard?

Managing Space
A discussion of two photographs of traffic what makes a good trip?

Internal communication i.e. driver thoughts
External communication 

Everything is at ‘A COST’
Some quotes and thoughts
Do we as drivers respond or react?

Driving distractions
What distracts you when you are driving?


Need a Customised Course?

£50 + vat per extra topic. 

We understand that some clients need a customised course, which is why we can add extra topics.

For example a client may wish to have an extra element to focus on maneuvers in a van, or maybe they need a section on specific distractions when driving. We can provide this customised presentation for an extra £50 per topic. 


Contact us:

Please contact us with your initial enquiries, and a member of our team will be delighted to help.