The Peugeot 205 GTI is one of the very best hot hatches ever built. It was launched in April 1984. In 2016 it has certainly achieved a classic car status. At 31 years old it certainly qualifies for such – just. It’s design was years ahead of other cars of similar age.

The next time you are browsing old family photos from the mid 1980’s have a look at how old many of the cars were, and how dated they look. The Peugeot simply looked space age in comparison to the Austin Maxis, Mini Metros and such, and offered performance and fun, which was in a totally different dimension. This video below is rather old now, many years before Jeremy Clarkson was fired from the BBC, but really gets across how great the mighty 205 GTI is.



Peugeot 205 GTI History:


April 1984 – The Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI was launched in the UK at a cost of £6,245. A 205 of this age, assuming it was in original condition with low mileage (under 60,000 miles) would reach double this price nowadays. The price increased to £6,645 in October the same year.

February 1985 – The suspension was softened slightly to improve the ride. Originally it was a little too hard for the British roads.

May 1986
– The 205 GTI’s power was increased from 105bhp to 115bhp. This power increase was achieved by fitting larger valves, a redesign of the cylinder head to improve airflow, and there was a change of camshaft design.

June 1986
– It wasn’t until June 1986 that the 205 GTI had side indicators and a leather steering wheel fitted.

December 1986
– The Christmas Number 1 this year was Jackie Wilson with Reet Petite! And maybe more importantly the 1.9 GTI was launched with disc brakes all round. The suspension was uprated and this model came with half leather, electric windows. The price was £8,445. No doubt, there were some very lucky people who would have had a 1.9 as a stocking filler that year!

January 1988
– The trim was revised across all models. Cars with this trim were know as phase 1.5 models. Phase 2 models were several years off still….

August 1989
– The new BE3 gearbox was introduced with the reverse position to the bottom right opposite 5th. There were subtle differences with this and the original BE1 gearbox, which had reverse upper left, to the left of 1st gear. The release bearing was different, as was the clutch cable. The gear linkages were the same. The BE1 gearbox was slightly closer ration than the BE3, which may have been slightly better on the track, but not quite as comfortable on the road.

—— This is the point the 205 GTI started to get sensible, at least a little ———

October 1989
– The 1.9 has a catalyst fitted as an option. This reduced the power to 122bhp. Limited edition models were launched in Miami Blue and Sorento Green. Only 1,200 models were made. Power steering was standard on these models, although became an option on the GTI and CTI.

September 1990
– The GTI gets ABS as an option. New black exterior trim and side trim. Rear light clusters were revised, with reverse lights moving onto the bumper. rear seat belts became standard.

October 1991
– Air conditioning was an option on GTI and CTI. GTI gets remote central locking as standard.

September 1992
– The 1.6 GTI, aster 8 years of production came to an end. The price which originally was £6,245 had increased to £11,375 – an amazing 82% price increase!

October 1992
– The 1.9 GTI gets a 122bhp catalyst engine and grey carpets as standard.

April 1994
– Keypad immobiliser on final versions of the 1.9 GTI/CTI. This was the month/year when the mighty 205 GTI era came to an end, as a new car at least. The final price was £12,265 and £14,195 for the CTI. ThePeugeot 205 finished production in 1996.

So Where Now? Peugeot 205 GTI Prices in 2026

It’s been 22 years since the 205 GTI ended production. So even the very latest cars are now borderline modern day classics…The prices of the 205 GTI will continue to rise we feel, but not to the same stratospheric level as say the Escort Mk1.

Here is our predictions about how they will rise, based on poor, good, concourse examples (assuming in 2026 they are in the condition below, and have not got any worse!) based on a private sale.


Poor Condition:
Many owners, limited service history, in need of repairs to body and engine, 130,000 miles +
£1,500 in 2016.
Estimated price in 2026 £3,000

Good Condition:
A number of owners, some service history, bodywork good, but not perfect, mechanically good but with a few “quirks”, 100,000 miles +
£3,500 in 2016
Estimated price in 2026 £7,500

Concourse Condition:
Less than 3 owners, full service history, excellent bodywork and mechanically spot on, possibly restored, Less than 100,000 miles.
£10,000 in 2016
Estimated price in 2026 £18,000