If you are searching for the best advanced and defensive driving courses in the Banbury area, then Drivers Domain UK are the perfect solution for you. We have some of the most qualified tutors that the UK can offer. All our tutors are DVSA registered with at least 5 years of experience delivering quality bespoke driver training to private clients and businesses alike.

Drivers Domain UK is able to give tailored driver training sessions that include on-road, one-on-one training from your home address or business site. In and around Banbury, with the M40 and A423 on your doorstep, we have some fabulous roads that we can use to give you the best bespoke advanced driver training that the UK has to offer.

For all our bespoke driving courses in Banbury, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – To the north of Banbury, you will find the M40 and the meeting of the A423 and the A422, and these faster roads can cause many issues for drivers who are unfamiliar with motorway driving. During an advanced driver training course bespoke to your needs, you will be taught how to be more confident at higher speeds. Some of the most common issues are the speed of travel and the sheer number of other vehicles on the motorway, and HGVs can cause the most anxiety, especially when blocking lanes. With some training, we can help you overcome your lack of confidence on the motorways, and in turn, this will help all other aspects of your driving on any road. Knowing the right speed to enter and exit motorway junctions and how to change lanes effectively with good indication and planning will ensure you are composed and safe when using the motorway system.

Rural Roads – Banbury is a bustling little town surrounded by beautiful open countryside, with many minor B roads and narrow country lanes linking pretty villages from the Cotswolds, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. Rural driving skills may not come naturally if you are used to more urban environments. Seasonal problems such as tree falls, untreated roads or flooding to very few warning signs and hardly any street lighting can cause issues. For example, the A361 from Banbury to Wardington and Chipping Warden has seen many accidents due to these very issues. In rural areas, you may have to reverse to a passing point on narrow lanes. This can be disastrous if you end up in a covered ditch or deep potholes! With better forward planning and scanning the road ahead, you can avoid many problems that have caused so many needless collisions.

Urban Training – Although most of Banbury town centre is pedestrianised, the roads surrounding it are often jam-packed and have seen too many accidents that could have been avoided with patience and better observations. Berwick Road, Broughton Road, and Ruscote Avenue are busy routes into and across Banbury and have many traffic lights, roundabouts, and multilane junctions. At these points, most accidents occur, and although they are not as severe as rural or motorway accidents in general, they can be devastating if you’re caught up in the chaos. Urban driving can be frustrating, especially during rush hours or school run times. You must be fully aware of your surroundings with better mirrorwork and predict the actions of other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

The benefits of using Drivers Domain UK for all aspects of driver training include:

  1. One-to-one driver training using your own vehicle
  2. Network of the best UK-based DVSA registered tutors
  3. All areas of the UK are covered
  4. The same professional and friendly personal account manager is only a call or email away to make sure your course is taken at a time and date that suits you, as well as sending your driver report/certificate of training once the course has been completed.
  5. Training is tailored to the individual needs and vehicle, or we can work together to provide bespoke cross-company courses for the continuity of all drivers.
  6. Driver reports have a risk assessment where the bulk of drivers, after training, will typically receive a Low-Risk status. Our detailed training report shows improvements made throughout the session, along with tutor notes and recommendations for the driver to maintain a low-risk status.

As well as the rest of the UK, we cover Banbury and the surrounding areas in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and the Cotswolds, and our tutors will always come to your preferred address. We do not have centres to attend; our courses are not classroom-based; it’s all on the road to give you real-time advanced and defensive road skills.

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Road Safety Risks and Information – Banbury

Banbury is a small market town nestled in rural Oxfordshire and is served by the M40 to the east of the town. Several A roads run through the town, linking Daventry, Stratford upon Avon, Evesham and Bicester. Although there have been minimal fatal accidents in the Banbury area in the last few years, there have still been numerous severe and life-altering collisions that should have been avoided.

Banbury leaves the M40 at junction 11 and meets the A422, west into Banbury centre and east to Brackley. The large motorway roundabout shows several crash sites. Still, the one further into Banbury joining Ermont Way and Hennef Way has far more severe accidents, indicating that more care needs to be taken, especially during rush hour traffic. This is very similar to the roundabout intersection of Concord Avenue. The A422 then Merges at the next roundabout into Ruscote Avenue and splits north into the A423, Southam Road. The accident sites continue along Ruscote Avenue and occur around the junction areas with a lot near the Banbury Cross retail park entrance. The A423 to Southam has several collisions that have proved severe in many cases and sadly involved multiple vehicles. This is a fairly fast route, and speed could have been an issue. The meeting of Mollington Road, Barn Hill and Roundhill Road crossing the A423 has been the site of a few severe and sometimes fatal accidents, so it is wise to be aware of this hot spot when driving along this route.

The town centre of Banbury is relatively accident-free. Much of this is down to pedestrianisation and public transport only allowed through many routes. The more minor roads leading in and out, such as Bridge Street, High Street and Banbury Cross, can become very congested, which is why numerous collisions have often occurred around these areas. Other roads that have exceptionally high crash statistics are Middleton Road, leading east out of the town centre and Warwick Road, heading west. Many of these accidents may be attributed to commuter traffic as they are busy through roads in and out of Banbury.

These are only a small outline of collision sites in the Banbury area. If you have any specific roads you travel on in the area and you’re keen to discover what parts are at higher risk in terms of collisions, please contact us. We offer a free-of-charge service to anyone who is interested.