We cover all of South Wales with our advanced driving courses, although Cardiff is the most popular areas in which we provide training.

We help both businesses and private individuals in making safer, more skilful drivers. Although Cardiff is quite a heavily populated area, which mostly has a network of urban roads, we do head out of the capital towards more challenging rural roads, which form a large part of our training. But that’s not to say we don’t cover urban roads, as on an advanced driving course we do provide training in urban environments, to help drivers become safer in lower speed limit areas, and to be more aware of pedestrians and cyclists. We also look at helping the driver in dense traffic and dealing with various lanes and road signs. We often use the centre of Cardiff for this, or locations slightly out of the centre such as Llanishen, Rumney or St Fagans.

Remember – All our courses are bespoke to your exact needs and requirements. For both business and private customers.

With rural driver training, we head north towards Monmouth, Abergavenny or west towards the Carmarthen area via the A48, M4. All these areas have great rural roads, where we help drivers with car control, observation and overall safer driving.

Rural roads are the most dangerous roads in the UK and so it makes sense to ensure a driver is safe on these roads. For motorway training in Cardiff, we conveniently have the M4, which runs from west of Swansea, east towards London. Sometimes we will move onto the M5, but this depends on the course duration and if motorway training is to play a key part in the course.

During our advanced training we cover a wide range of things, bespoke to the needs of each driver:

  • Looking at a drivers own specific driving style, mileage, types of roads and driving history, to make a bespoke training plan
  • Creating increased powers of anticipation and planning
  • Being aware of speed limits and controlling speed
  • Improving a drivers attitude
  • Improved driving on motorways,
  • Increased skills on rural roads
  • Dealing with driving in the town, with cyclists and pedestrians
  • Better understanding the reasons for road rage
  • Manoeuvres
  • Driving in dangerous weather such as ice, snow, fog, rain, poor visibility
  • Save money at the pumps! An advanced driving style can save 20% on your fuel bills
  • How to better anticipate the actions of other drivers – to help prevent things from “just suddenly happening” !


We currently offer a range of courses, based on time. These are designed for drivers of all abilities, experience and budget ranges:

  • 3.5hr – Our shortest course, ideal for those that need a short session for a range of reasons. Also popular for company clients who are training many drivers
  • 2 x 3.5hr – If a full day is too much, and a half-day not long enough, then our 2 x 3.5hr session is a great alternative. It allows time to absorb what has been taught on the first session, and to then carry on and progress on the final session
  • 7hr full day – A full day can be hard for some drivers, but for others is a great duration as it gets the training completed in one day, and is cheaper than splitting it over 2 sessions.
  • For those that want more of a comprehensive session, we offer 3 – 4 and 5 x 3.5hr sessions. Designed for those with significant issues that need addressing, or for those that simply want the maximum level of bespoke one to one training possible.


We appreciate you have a choice when it comes to driver training. Over the years we have worked hard to ensure we differentiate ourselves based on service and quality of training. Training with us means you benefit from:

  • One to one driver training
  • Personal account management, a member of our team will get to know you, and your specific needs
  • National UK coverage – we come to you for the training
  • Only the most dedicated, professional advanced driving tutors work with us
  • All tutors are handpicked and are Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency registered
  • Full reporting for each person taking our course sent on email after a course


Contact us:

While we have tried to outline as much info as possible, there are possibly more things you want to learn about. Please call or email us, we aim to get back in touch within 1hr during working hours if you decide to email. If you want to get a course arranged quickly and are looking to train 4 drivers or less, then you can do so online – simply go to www.advanced-driving.co.uk/book