As a national advanced driver training business, we have tutors all over the UK, although we provide a lot of bespoke training to private individuals and companies in Nottinghamshire. To date, we have provided training in Worksop, Mansfield, Newark-on-Trent and Nottingham. As we have full UK coverage we are able to come to you for the training, anywhere in the UK, and all parts of Nottinghamshire. On an advanced driving course in Nottinghamshire, we sometimes head out of the county westbound towards the Peak District National Park, using a wide range of roads both urban and rural. For motorway training, we have easy access to the M1 and can head north towards the M18 or south towards the  M69 or M6.

In the county of Nottinghamshire, we provide a lot of training on A-roads such as the A614, A1 and A60, many of these busy A roads have quick access to some really good rural roads, which are really beneficial for advanced driver training for drivers at all levels. On rural roads we can help a driver improve their car control and commentary driving. Commentary driving is when you talk out loud about what you can see in front and behind you when driving. It really helps a driver observe and plan what they see, much more effectively.

Remember – All our courses are bespoke to your own needs. For both business and private clients. 

All our courses are bespoke to the needs of the driver, and so we can adjust a course to fit with what they are wanting, for example for a motorway course, we can dedicate a session to just motorways, for confidence training we can use a wide range of roads or just roads that a client is having specific issues with. For company clients, we can offer a 3.5hr session a driver (or a 7hr session). With the 3.5hr sessions, which around 90% of companies opt for, we can train one driver in the morning and one in the afternoon if training is to be from one location.


During our advanced training we cover a wide range of things, bespoke to the needs of each driver:

  • Looking at a drivers own specific driving style, mileage, types of roads and driving history, to make a bespoke training plan
  • Creating increased powers of anticipation and planning
  • Being aware of speed limits and controlling speed
  • Improving a drivers attitude
  • Improved driving on motorways,
  • Increased skills on rural roads
  • Dealing with driving in the town, with cyclists and pedestrians
  • Better understanding the reasons for road rage
  • Manoeuvres
  • Driving in dangerous weather such as ice, snow, fog, rain, poor visibility
  • Save money at the pumps! An advanced driving style can save 20% on your fuel bills
  • How to better anticipate the actions of other drivers – to help prevent things from “just suddenly happening” !


Why take advanced driver training with us? (Personal benefits)

  • Further enhance your levels of driving skill and confidence
  • Feel generally happier about driving
  • Have the knowledge you have completed training with a registered DVSA advanced driving instructor
  • Single out and remove any bad driving habits
  • Look at specific issues that may be impacting your driving
  • Improve all aspects of car control
  • Learn how to get more miles from your tank – 20% improvement is not uncommon!


If you are looking for fleet driver training for your team, the benefits of our training cover:

  • Taking charge of your occupational road risk
  • Demonstrate your Duty of Care towards staff
  • Save money on your fleet insurance premiums
  • Identify and effectively manage drivers who are having issues with their driving
  • Reduce your overall car/van fuel bills, sometimes by up to 20%


You may have more questions about our courses, so please get in touch. We reply to emails within 1hr during working hours. Our team can also help look at dates for training or to send you more information on our courses, and if needed, an example of one of our post-course driving reports. You can also book online quickly and conveniently if you are looking to train between 1 and 4 drivers, for both private and business clients at