We provide advanced driving courses in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for both private individuals and business clients. Sheffield’s location close to the Peak District National Park is great as this is an area we like to cover, at least in part, with our advanced driving courses. The challenging nature of the roads there, most of which are B roads provide a good environment to teach advanced techniques for drivers of all levels and experience, this goes for many training locations in and around South Yorkshire. Apart from rural road training, Sheffield also has close proximity to the M1, M18 and M62, which are used for motorway training in this area, where we help drivers with confidence and forward planning – two elements critical for safe driving on these busy, sometimes tedious/frustrating roads.

Remember – All our driving courses are bespoke to your own needs. For both business and private clients. 

With our advanced driving courses, we try and cover as many roads as possible, to ensure training is applied to all road types unless you are doing a specific course such as motorway training.

The clients we have vary greatly, and each course we deliver is designed with the driver in mind. The bespoke nature of our courses means no two sessions are identical. We do try and vary the routes we take on our courses. In Sheffield we often head towards the Peak District National Park, depending on the weather, or north towards Leeds area, south towards Nottingham or less frequently over to Grimsby in the east.

On our advanced courses in South Yorkshire, we cover a range of elements, bespoke to the needs of the driver. Below are the common things we look at:

  • Looking at a drivers own specific day to day driving, and driving history to make a bespoke training plan
  • Looking ahead and developing powers of observation
  • Increasing focus on speed and excessive speed
  • Modifying attitude towards a safer, more proactive way to drive
  • Learning the System of Car Control
  • How to avoid road rage situations
  • Manoeuvres, reversing, driving in confined spaces
  • Driving safety on the motorway and dual carriageways
  • Becoming a safer urban driver – identifying and dealing with pedestrians and cyclists
  • Learn how to drive on a more environmentally friendly way
  • How to boost driving confidence
  • Identifying high risk driving – such as at night, driving tired or when stressed

The personal benefits of taking advanced driver training with Drivers Domain UK:

  • Improve your driving ability and general confidence   
  • Remove poor driving habits
  • Deal with problems specific to your driving which you may or may not be aware of
  • Improve your car control – developing your skills and safety levels on all roads
  • Reduce car running costs – an advanced driver will use less fuel, get more miles from the tyres etc..

As a fleet manager or someone tasked with finding a driver training provider for your staff, there are a number of advantages from a commercial perspective, that investing in driver training can bring:

  • Produce a safer more conscientious fleet of drivers
  • Demonstrate your Duty of Care
  • Possibly reduce your fleet insurance bills and premiums
  • Boost morale among your workforce
  • Reduce your fleet petrol/diesel costs


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