Please Note:

This course is not for motorists who have been caught speeding via a speed camera, and have had notification of such in the post. We don’t offer this type of course – Please click here if this is you.

We offer a full or half day speed awareness advanced driving course for business customers and private individuals, who wish to become safer drivers, and are not needing a course as part of intended prosecution. There is a number of reasons for a speed awareness course, which include:

From a Business Perspective – You Maybe…… 

1. Noticing an employee is accumulating points on his or her licence, and you want to take action to ensure they become aware of their speeding.

2. Becoming aware that an employee is driving too fast. Either through points, damage to company vehicles or from passenger reports.

3. Starting to form of a company H&S policy, where effective management of speed, and creating a safer workforce is a current and ongoing objective.

From a Private Individual Perspective – You Maybe…..

1. Advised by a solicitor to take training as you are facing a court appearance after being caught speeding. Taking our speed awareness course can help demonstrate to a court that you have taken the time to become aware of your speeding issue, and that you have taken the time to invest in improving your driving.

Note – this course is not designed for people who have had a notification in the post, after being caught exceeding the speed limit by a speed camera, and have to do a National Speed Awareness Course.

2. Having a growing awareness that you are simply driving too fast, and you want to learn how to become a safer, more speed aware driver. This is valid whether it is for yourself or a loved one.

Course Content:

To start there is a chance to chat with your tutor, in a non-judgemental, friendly way. We are here to help and support, not judge. After the chat, where we would have learnt more about you and your driving, we go on an initial drive to assess what level your driving is up to.

We then mark you in 25 key areas of driving. From then the coaching starts where we cover the following:

* Essential tips on how to avoid speeding
* Developing effective observation and planning skills to help manage speed
* Creating a positive and responsible driving attitude
* Dealing with unfamiliar roads – often where speeding occurs
* Understand the link between stress and speeding
* Learning advanced and defensive driving techniques
* Know when it is safe to use speed, and when to hold back
* How to enter and exit areas with varying speed limits – often where people get caught speeding

When the training is complete, we will mark you again in the 25 key areas of driving, this will enable you to see how you have improved and your overall ability as a driver. This marking format makes it very easy to see how well you performed and improved on the day.


A full day is £340 + vat (7hrs) and a half day is £230 + vat.


Key Facts:

* All training is in your own car or van
* All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered advanced driving tutors
* Training is all on-road – not classroom based
* We come to you for the training (we have over 200 tutors around the UK)
* We provide a full report after training send via email
* To book or enquire more please use the contact form on the upper right