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This course is not for motorists who have been caught speeding via a speed camera, and have had notification of such in the post. We don’t offer this type of course Please go to

We offer driver awareness courses for companies and private individuals across the UK.

Companies and private individuals often look for a drivers awareness course for a range of reasons including:

1. A company has identified a problem employee, who appears to be having a number of complaints against them, and you want to address this problem in a constructive and beneficial way.

2. An individual recognises the need to improve their driving after a road traffic collision or similar.

3. You have been advised to do a drivers awareness course, due to an impending court hearing related to speeding, careless or dangerous driving, and want to demonstrate to the court that you are keen to improve your level of driving.

Driver Awareness Course Content:

To start there is a chance to chat with your tutor, in a non-judgemental, friendly way. We are here to help and support, not judge. After the chat, where we would have learnt more about you and your driving, we go on an initial drive to assess what level your driving is up to.  We then mark you in 25 key areas of driving.

From then the coaching starts where we cover the following:

* Essential tips on how to become a more aware, observant driver
* Developing effective observation and planning skills
* Creating a positive and responsible driving attitude
* Dealing with unfamiliar roads – often where driver awareness is critical
* Dealing with familiar roads – often where many collisions occur due to drivers “driving on auto-pilot”
* Learning advanced and defensive driving techniques
* Know when it is safe to use speed, and when to hold back


The cost for a half day is £230 + vat (3.5hrs), and a full day is £340 + vat (7hrs)

What Next?

You can book online here or you can request more info by using the form on the right of this page. We can usually arrange a course, which will take place in your own car, within 2 to 3 weeks notice.