We provide trailer/towing driver training courses for clients that want to increase their skill and safety when trailering a load.

We provide training for both business and private clients, and are based across all of the UK, and come to you for the training.

We Typically Help (Business Customers):

  1. Employees who need to drive with a trailer as part of their job, and have little or no experience.
  2. Companies who have a fleet of drivers, who maybe currently trailer or are about to trailer, and the company wish to increase their current skills and safety levels of their drivers.
  3. Companies who employ someone who appears to be having issues when trailering, such as experiencing issues around manoeuvring, is having one too many prangs, or really is not currently comfortable when trailering.

We Typically Help (Private Customers):

  1. Motorists who need to start trailering, such as a car or similar, and want to gain confidence and ensure they are safe.
  2. Motorists who currently (or are about to start) towing a caravan, and want to either increase their skills and confidence, or who want an introduction to trailering a caravan. Many customers who need help with caravan towing tend to require help with reversing and general manoeuvres.

Course Content:

All our trailer courses are bespoke to you, and so we can build a course, which is based on your objectives. Below is a general outline on what we typically provide with our trailer training:

  1. Introduction to the safety basics of trailering/towing
  2. Hitching and unhitching a trailer safely
  3. How to safely secure a load
  4. How to safely reverse and perform manoeuvres while trailering
  5. General road positioning with a trailer
  6. How trailers impact on a vehicles handling and braking characteristics
  7. Increasing your powers of observation and forward planning
  8. The essentials of mirror use when trailering
  9. Effective positioning at junctions (entering and emerging from)
  10. Use of speed when trailering
  11. Dealing with emergency situations…..and more

Course Duration:

We can provide a 3.5hr session for £230 + vat or a 7hr session for £340 + vat.

A half day is ideal for a refresher or if training a number of drivers back to back. A full day is more suited for those that have limited experience and really want to fast track their way to safer trailering.

Key Facts:

  1. We come to you for the training – anywhere in the UK
  2. All training takes place in your own vehicle using your own trailer/caravan
  3. All tutors for this type of training are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered fleet/advanced tutors and specialise in trailer training.

What Next:

Please email or call us for more information. If you are looking at training a number of drivers, we can provide a quote and discuss your options in more detail. You are also able to book a course online at www.advanced-driving.co.uk/book/