How Can Road Rage Start?

Road Rage can start if one driver does something to irritate another. The main things that cause Road Rage are:

1. Tailgating
2. Cutting up at islands
3. Inappropriate overtaking
4. Undertaking on motorways

What Usually Happens?

Road Rage involves drivers acting aggressively, typically tailgating and waving a few selected hand gestures. Thats thankfully where most incidents end! However, sometimes things can get nasty and drivers will try to ram other cars. Occasionally, as we have seen in the media, Road Rage (although very rare) can have fatal consequences so beware.

What is Red Mist?

Red Mist is a psychological state that can arise when a driver is so determined to achieve some non-driving related objective, such as following a person who has annoyed them, that they can no longer assess driving risks realistically. Professional drivers such as police pursuit drivers and ambulance drivers, as part of their extensive training, are very aware of red mist. The nature of their job, whether it is driving to a road traffic accident or following a 14-year-old who has just stolen a car, could so easily result in them becoming frustrated and angry, or taking dangerous risks for “a noble cause”.

How To Stop The Red Mist Coming Down

The best way professional drivers find to overcome this is to firstly realise the symptoms. This usually is a feeling of anger and frustration. Once you have acknowledged how you are feeling it’s easier to deal with. The best way (although it does vary from driver to driver) is to try to objectively describe the situation you are in and not become emotionally involved in the situation. This is often very effective. Using this technique can help you defuse anger from a Road Rage incident.

Our Road Rage Courses

We offer a bespoke road rage course for drivers that want to address this problem. More can be found at here