We offer fleet advanced driving courses (sometimes known as defensive driving courses) to a range of corporate customers in the UK, including well know high street names, and government departments including the NHS. In recent years, there has been a move by businesses to demonstrate their Duty of Care, in light of the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007. We can provide fleet advanced driving courses as a one off project, or on a continual basis for new drivers. We can train both car, van and now LGV drivers, across the UK.

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Benefits of our fleet advanced driving courses:

1. Reduce your accident rate among your drivers
2. Reduce fleet insurance costs
3. Improve driver morale
4. Improved average MPG a cross the fleet
5. Improved company reputation
6. Demonstrating your duty of care

Our fleet advanced driving courses is usually based on a 2:1 format. This is where one tutor trains two drivers a day. One in the morning for 3.5hrs and one in the afternoon for the same time period. We can offer a half day only, or a full day too. Around 90% of our customers opt for the 2:1 basis due to the cost and time savings. Training currently costs £170 + vat a driver on a 3.5hr session, so should you wish to train a number of drivers in your fleet, the prices would be:

2 drivers – £340 + vat
10 drivers – £1,700 + vat

We can offer a discount if you wish to train a larger number of drivers. Also we can create a bespoke training service based on your own training needs. With some clients we work with, they already have their own in-house team of fleet driver trainers, and we step in and provide additional support and help as and when needed. Our fleet advanced driving courses are road based although we can offer classroom sessions too. We have worked with companies that require classroom sessions for all drivers, and then those classed as “high-risk” go on to do a road based session. Equally we have worked with clients who have put all drivers in their fleet on computer based risk assessment, and those classed as “at-risk” have on-road training.

What our fleet advanced driving courses cover:

1. Introduction to the System of Car/Van Control
2. Developing awareness and attention
3. Improving a drivers vehicle control
4. Laws of the road
5. Developing a positive driving mindset
6. Ecosafe driving
7. The psychology of driving
8. Dealing with Road Rage
9. Tips for dealing with skids and skid control
10. Help in dealing with a range of adverse weather conditions

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We understand selecting the right fleet driving course is vital to your business. Should you wish to learn more about how we can help you, or to receive a brochure in the post, please contact us using the contact us page, and a member of our team will be pleased to help.

We differentiate ourselves based on our genuine passion for advanced driving, providing the very best training, at prices very few can match. Our dedication to advanced driving speaks for itself. Not only are we a commercial training provider, our website is also one of the most respected advanced driving resources on the web, and is home to the largest advanced driving forum in the UK. We have already helped many thousands of people to become safer motorists and plan to expend our help to many more.

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