Merseyside covers a wide area where we can provide our advanced driving courses. We have full UK coverage and come to you for the training. We cover all areas of Merseyside and have recently helped provide driver training in Southport, Liverpool, St Helens, Birkenhead and West Kirby. Merseyside has a great network of roads where we can provide our driver training on.

Close access to various motorways such as the M62, M57 and M53 is ideal for those looking for training on motorways, whether that be a specialist motorway driving course, or a standard advanced driving course, with elements of motorway driving.

Merseyside itself is ideal for motorway and urban driver training. However, for rural road training, we often head north towards the Preston area, or down towards Northwich, both areas have a great network of challenging rural roads, which can really help a driver develop car control, and other key elements of advanced driving, which can be taught to drivers of all levels and experience.

Remember – All our courses are bespoke to your exact needs and requirements. For both business and private customers.

We have a range of bespoke driving courses for both private individuals and company clients. We help those that are having specific issues, whether that’s driving anxiety, a pre-court driving course, or they just want to increase their level of skill and safety. With regards to company clients, we can help provide training for just one or as many as 1,000 drivers.

During our advanced driver training, we cover many elements, including:

  • Looking at a drivers own specific day to day driving, and driving history to make a bespoke training plan
  • Speed awareness and planning
  • Creating a safe mindset for safer motoring
  • Changing your driving style on different of road types
  • Motoring law and regulations
  • Coping with stress when driving a car or van
  • Manoeuvres
  • Driving in poor weather (such as rain, snow, ice)
  • Learn how to manage pedestrians and cyclists in the city – not getting too close!
  • Under, oversteer and the four-wheel drift – learning to identify them and removing the cause
  • Learn how to visit the petrol station less! Driving in an economical way
  • Get a better insight into what the driver in front is about to do!


Our course options are based on duration, and are designed to provide the best fit for a driver, whether that’s for a newly qualified driver or someone with 40+ years of experience:

  • 3.5hr – Designed for drivers who need a short session. This is popular too for companies who are training 10+ drivers where we can train one driver AM and one PM
  • 3.5hr x 2 – For those that feel a full day is too much in one go, and a 3.5hr alone is not enough. Suited to drivers who feel a rest in between sessions will work for them
  • 7hr full day – This full-day course is ideal for those (both private and business customers) who want a driver or drivers to have a full day intensive session
  • We also offer 3.5hrs over 3,4 or 5 days, which don’t need to be taken back to back. Ideal for those who want to significantly increase the standard of their driving with one to one training over a number of hours.

There are a number of benefits of taking driver training with Drivers Domain UK:

  • Bespoke training based on a driver’s specific needs
  • Personal account manager
  • Handpicked fleet/advanced tutors who are all registered with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Detailed reporting for each driver – with notes from the tutor who provided the training
  • National coverage
  • We come to you for the training


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We welcome drivers of all levels, standards and abilities, whether you are an individual or a business – we have a team of experts here ready to help. If you have 4 or fewer drivers, you can now book online at