It is more important than ever to invest in a used car data check if you are looking to buy a used car. Knowing a cars history will not only help give you peace of mind, it will also provide you wish the reassurance that you have not bough a car with a less than ideal past.


A used car check from companies like HPI cover the following things:

1. If it is recorded as stolen – Is the car you are looking at recorded as stolen on the Police National Computer? More Info
2. Do you know the number of previous owners? It is more desirable to own a used car that has fewer owners, with a HPI check you will get to know this. More Info
3. Can you trust the mileage? It is much harder nowadays to alter a cars mileage but it can happen
4. Do you really know the approximate value of the car? Doing a HPI check will provide you with a valuation to help ensure you don’t pay over the odds for a car
5. Is your car an insurance write off? Some write offs can return to the road, whilst others can’t. With a HPI check you will find this out during a check.

A used car data check will also check the following:

6. Is you car recorded as scrapped?
7. Number plate changes
8. Any outstanding fiance
9. Logbook check
10. Imported/Exported
11. VIN/Chasis Check

About HPI

HPI has been providing used car checks since 1938 and use up to date information to check a used cars history. They are so confident of their accuracy that they back it with a £30,000 guarantee.