We offer van driver training across the UK, including London. We provide a service that is designed to reduce the road risk of a van driver and to make sure you feel confident when an employee or employees are driving company vans.

The dense traffic in London is one of the reasons why vans tend to be involved in a relatively high number of collisions compared to cars. Vans, especially the larger variety, require more spacial awareness, and with limited rear visibility, the increased collision rate is understandable.

Driver training will significantly reduce the risk of a collision while at the same time will help demonstrate your Duty of Care.

Clients come to us with a range of issues. With us, all on-road van courses are bespoke to your driver’s needs, whether they are an experienced driver needing a refresh or are totally new to driving vans. We are here to help you.

We especially help with the following:

1. People who have recently have started a job driving a van and have little or no experience in driving such a vehicle, and you feel they need additional training.

2. People who use a van as part of their job, but you have noticed they are having too many accidents or near misses.

3. Van drivers new to London who may be daunted by the capital’s rather constant, manic traffic situation.

We have an extensive network of van driver trainers in all parts of London. All our tutors are fully qualified DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) who have taken additional training to be on their Fleet Register. ADIs on their Fleet Register have taken additional training to provide expert training for full licence holders. Furthermore, they all also have a passion for advanced driver training and driver improvement, many of our tutors range from ex-Police to highly experienced commercial drivers. A number of our tutors also provide speed awareness courses, for those caught speeding.

Our van driver training in London does need to take place in your own van. Below are the most common types of vans we offer training in:

  • Mercedes Sprinter – This is one of the most common vans we provide van driver training in London for. The Mercedes Sprinter comes in a range of sizes and dimension.


  • Ford Transit/Luton – Our tutors have helped many “White Man Van” drivers become safer more courteous drivers. These larger vans require improved levels of special awareness when navigating the congested London streets. Learn more about our bespoke Transit Driver Training.

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Van Driver Training Routes – London.

The major issue with van driver training in London is the traffic. Whilst we do like to cover a proportion in urban environments, we equally don’t want to be sitting in traffic all day! We design our routes to offer the best training experience possible. From Central London, we often head either north towards Stevenage or west towards sometimes as far as Newbury. We do cover motorway training on the M25 and or M40. We come to you for all van driver training in London. We can cover all parts of the capital.

Mirror Use – The Secret to Safer Van Driving:

Often a large proportion of van incidents also occur whist reversing, due to their size and lack of a rear windscreen – mirror use is essential! As part of the training we work on teaching drivers to reverse safely and under complete control.

Course Content:

  1. Effective driver observation
  2. Forward planning and awareness
  3. Speed awareness and control
  4. Dealing with various vehicle lanes on urban routes
  5. Dealing with Road Rage
  6. Road positioning for vans
  7. Extensive reversing training
  8. How and when to use mirrors
  9. Van handling vs car
  10. How loads impact on handling
  11. Spacial Awareness
  12. Motorway, Town and Rural driving techniques

Following the course, each driver will get a full driving report outlining what was covered and their overall risk.

Don’t have a van? We don’t supply vans for training. However, if you would like a session and need a van, we would recommend hiring a van local to yourself, and training can then be arranged to start from the van hire depot.

Price & Course Duration:

We can provide a full day (7hrs) and a half day (3.5hrs) in London. A full day is £370 + vat and a half day is £250 + vat.

Our tutors in London are highly experienced in delivering van driver training, and we provide driver training for delivery drivers for the online Supermarket – Ocado.com in their Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

We can train as few as one driver or as many as 100+

We have over 200 tutors all over the UK and can come to your office to start the training. Call or email us using the form in the upper right of the screen. You can also book online at www.advanced-driving.co.uk/book/