This bespoke driving course is designed for people that want to become safer, more skilful drivers. During the session, you will learn a range of advanced and defensive driving techniques on a range of roads, including rural, town, motorway and dual carriageway. We do not offer an advanced driving test.

How the Course Starts:

We will start the course with a relaxed initial drive, where you will be asked to drive in the way you would normally, with no coaching input from the tutor. This allows you to relax and for us to get a feel for what you are like as a driver. After the initial drive, we mark you either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Adequate or Poor in 25 key driving areas using one of our bespoke training reports.

The Training:

We discuss the initial drive and actively encourage feedback before the coaching starts. We will base the coaching on what we see during the initial drive, what you specifically want, and the feeling our tutor gets having spent time with you. For example, if you are having issues with observation and forward planning but maybe are excellent at speed control, more time will be spent on developing your observational skills, then maybe talking about the consequences of excessive speed and so on.

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During a course, we cover a wide range of things, including: 

* Forward planning and observation
* Speed Awareness
* Advanced cornering techniques
* How to become a safer driver on all roads
* Car or van control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
* Car handling dynamics and techniques
* Rules of the road
* Dealing with road rage
* Commentary driving
* Reversing and manoeuvres
* Dealing with adverse weather
* Dealing with emergency situations
* Vehicle stability and control
* Motorway driving
* Town and urban defensive driving
* Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
* Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, and planning)
* Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
* Understanding other road users and their intentions 

Course Duration:

A half-day is ideal for those who want a refresh of their driving, whereas a full day is designed to really help boost your driving. The same things are covered on a half or full day, but the full day gives a longer time frame for the training to sink in and develop. All training takes place in your n car or van. We can provide training on a Saturday at no additional cost.

If you want more than a 3.5hr session, but not in one go, we offer 2 x 3.5hr (very popular), 3 x 3.5hr, 4 x 3.5hr or 5 x 3.5hr sessions (more suited for specific issues). Learn more about what course duration is best for you – more info.

Who does our courses?

It’s rare for someone to just wake up one morning and decide they want to become a safer driver and learn advanced driving techniques. There is usually a compelling reason for deciding to take training. Here are a few scenarios we help private clients with:

1. They’ve had a near miss, which has concerned them
2. They need a refresh of their driving after many years
3. They’ve lost confidence
4. They have a new car (faster/larger) or a much larger vehicle like a campervan.
5. Their solicitor has suggested they do this course pending a motoring conviction
6. They wish to help a younger or more at-risk driver
7. Their employer has asked them to do a course
8. A partner or family member has asked them to do an advanced course

After one of our courses, a full report will be sent via email, which will detail how you improved and in what areas. Select your ideal training dates and book your course online – start

All our courses are bespoke to your needs, so whatever your reason for driver training, we can help. If you are looking for an intensive driving course, this is something we can do over 4 or 5 x 3.5hr sessions.